DAM Lowdown: KIT Digital Cosmos, SaaS DAM Concerns, Metadata Loss on Social Networks

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It’s been a busy DAM week, so let’s get started. In recent digital asset management news: KIT Digital DAMs its Cosmos System, Superior reps WoodWing, 2013 predictions, Nativ launches its Mio SaaS, manufacturers’ DAM needs, smaller is better ... and more. 

DAM’d Cosmos

Video management software and services firm KIT Digital has unveiled a DAM implementation of its KIT Cosmos Video Content Management System. The new DAM tool, which was recently demonstrated at a trade show, includes a flexible metadata structure, the addition of workgroups for structured collaboration, and a series of APIs for custom integrations with other business systems, such as CRM or content management.

KIT Cosmos.png

KIT Cosmos Video Content Management System

Superior and WoodWing

Lincolnshire, Illinois-based Superior Media Solutions, a provider of integrated publishing technology solutions, is now representing WoodWing’s multi-channel publishing platform, Enterprise, and its Elvis DAM in the U.S. and Canada.

Never Too Late

It’s never too late for 2013 predictions, even at this quarter-year mark. Check out video of bold expectations by DAM experts at the final session of Createasphere’s Los Angeles DAM Conference, held last month.

Nativ Mio SaaS

Media management platform vendor Nativ is launching its Mio SaaS. The London-based company said the new offering is the only SaaS media asset management and workflow solution that combines integrated remote ingest and delivery, enterprise asset management, social and collaboration features, workflow design and orchestration, content repurposing and distribution, frame-accurate logging and advanced video-on-demand packaging and delivery.

Metadata Removal

Social media is made even more social with all those photos. But a new study by the International Press Telecommunications Council found that major social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Flickr remove embedded information from posted images, such as copyright information or the name of the creator. Other networks, like Google+ or Tumblr, do a better job of retaining the data. (Hat tip to Dam Coalition.)

Learning Opportunities

Retailers’ Needs, Smallness, Lowering SaaS Risks and Geeks

Do retailers have different DAM needs than manufacturers? DAM right, says image solutions provider Visual SKUs, in an essay on "4 Must-have Digital Asset Management Features for Manufacturers." The article points to such manufacturer needs as the ability to create customer profiles and distribute assets automatically -- both of which stem from the fact that they're selling to businesses that then sell to end users.

Small is better. At least when you’re talking about small vendors building better DAM software, according to Ralph Windsor over at DAM News. The smaller companies, he noted, "are going to be intimately aware exactly what is happening with a good number (possibly all)" of their clients, while giants like Adobe do not have as much at stake in making sure its DAM software works well and that those customers are happy.

When you work with a cloud-based DAM system, how can you lower your risks such as losing control of your proprietary data, losing the assets because of careless backups or contractual snafus? DAM News editors Nick Brookes and Ralph Windsor offer a "DAM SaaS Survival Guide." Tips include completely understanding the hosting providers, making sure backups meet your specs, making sure you don't depend only on their backups, and checking if you are liable for contract termination penalties.

Finally, here at CMSWire.com, David Diamond wonders if he’s too far gone in “God Help Me, I’m a DAM Geek.” But don't worry. Diamond decides that, "after two or three minutes of ample introspection," he realized that his passion is really "about quality content and the good things people do with the content they manage via their DAMs."

In fact, the analogy-prone author said, "DAM is like the corner pub" where creative geniuses hang and out drink. It's not the corner pub you're so crazy about, it's the characters you find there.