DAM Lowdown: Razuna's Watermarks, Amazon's Transcoding, Museums Think 'DAM?'

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DAM, this year is already 8% over, so there’s no time to waste. In recent digital asset management news -- Razuna offers watermarks, Amazon goes transcoding, museums could be thinking DAM convergence and NetXposure exposes version 6.2. 

We Heart Watermarks

For watermarking fans, there’s good news from Razuna. The upcoming 1.5.5 release will have the ability to stamp images with a watermark of an image or of text. Alignment, transparency and font specs can all be selected. The functionality is available now in the company’s hosted solution.

Transcode This

Every day the cloud offers more gleams of functionality. Take Amazon’s new Elastic Transcoder, which is designed to provide an easy-to-use/cost-effective method in the cloud for converting video files to other formats, such as those needed for mobile devices.

Through the service, which allows up to 20 minutes of transcoding each month for free,users create a job indicating the location of the source video and the method of transcoding desired. Charges are based on minutes transcoded and the resolution.

NetXposure Releases 6.2

DAM vendor NetXposure is out with Version 6.2 of its system. The company said it has improved user experience with such enhancements as the ability to modify the screen-based “pods” to show customized information -- e.g., the latest categories viewed, or the most popular search terms being used.


NetXposure 6.2 offers a choice of new visual themes.

Learning Opportunities

Asset management has been revised to allow users several ways to drill deeper into search results, and now any user who wants to check if an asset has already been imported can first run a check. There’s also a role-based Download Justification, so a marketing person might have different permissions to download and use a copyrighted asset than, say, a designer. Other enhancements have also been made in ratings, geo-location and advanced integration.

DAM and Real Objects

Is there that much difference between the Collections Management Systems used by museums to manage real objects, and DAM systems which manage digital files? That’s the key question addressed in a feature article by CMSWire contributing author Ralph Windsor, writing in DAM News.

In his “Considerations for DAM and Collections Management Convergence Projects,” he cites a Real Story blog posting by Theresa Rigli on the same subject and attempts to address “the devil in the details” about managing both digital and physical assets through a consolidated platform.