We recently attended AdobeSummit and DrupalCon, Modula4 announced integration platforms, NetXposure 6.1 rolled out added functionality and features and the PublishingNOW! DAM-based publishing platform was unveiled.

Modula4's WoodWing Integration

Canto announced that its partner Modula4 built an integration platform, DAM Connect, which lets users have access to assets from within WoodWing’s Content Station or Adobe InDesign. "Unique to DAM Connect is the ability to search multiple databases and leverage metadata field types other than just text," Modula4's announcement explains. "Layout artists can find images based on expiration dates, license scope and status, approvals and more, even if they don’t have accounts on the connected DAM systems." DAM Connect is available from Modula4 and its partners.

WoodWing announced Connector for Picturepark, which was also developed by Modula4 and integrates Picturepark Digital Asset Management into WoodWing Enterprise. "Users of WoodWing Enterprise can search for assets using a variety of custom-defined search profiles and then retrieve Picturepark assets such as images, PDF, videos or others from their accustomed working environment," the announcement says." Assets can be retrieved through WoodWing Content Station as well as the Smart Connection plugins."

NetX 6.1 Offers New Functions

NetXposure 6.1 boasts user interface improvements and format contextual icons on assets with thumbnails in the list view, making it easier to find the right file for your needs. New gallery hover controls let users add assets to their carts with one click, and an HTML 5-based upload tool allows users to drag-and-drop multiple files for importing from their web browsers.


To try out NetX 6.1, request a live demo.

Learning Opportunities

PublishingNOW! DAM-based Publishing Platform

Van Gennep announced a DAM-based publishing platform, PublishingNOW!, which is driven by ADAM Software’s DAM platform. In mid-March, ADAM Software acquired Van Gennep. ADAM CEO Pieter Casneuf said, "Van Gennep’s experience in editorial workflows and publishing will broaden the scope of our solutions for all enterprise-wide marketing activities from media management, campaign planning to off- and online publishing at a time of growing demand.”

According to ADAM Software, PublishingNOW! will be used to plan publications and related tasks; move pages, articles or ads in flatplans; collect content from cross-channel sources and store everything in a centralized DAM and publish to any channel, such as print, tablet or website. PublishingNOW! can integrate with Adobe Creative Suite and other digital publishing tools.

How Digital Assets are Bringing Teams Together

At the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit last week, we talked with Adobe's VP of Enterprise Technology, David Nuescheler, about the CQ 5.5 release, the Adobe product roadmap, how DAM is changing digital marketing team relationships, Adobe's new Web Experience Management (WEM) in the cloud and what challenges are shaping the industry in 2012. Video extracts from our discussion are available online.

DPCI Refines EMBridge Drupal Module

Last week we also attended DrupalCon in Denver and talked with DPCI President and Founder Joseph Bachana about the business challenges his company is tackling with the help of Drupal. Currently, DPCI is working on refining the EMBridge module, which extends the image management functionalities of Drupal by connecting it to EnterMedia, an open source digital asset management platform. Bachana is also working on an ambitious project to integrate Drupal with Adobe's InDesign program and popular text editors.