It’s a DAM New Year. In recent digital asset management news, WoodWing and Simian update, reasons to avoid DAM systems, a metadata briefer, DAM interns and salary ranking.

Where Do You Rank?

If you want to check out where your salary ranks among other DAM professionals, the DAM Foundation has the preliminary results of their most recent Salary Survey.

Simian Updates Media Platform

Web-based Media Manager, Simian has updated its media sharing platform, including a state-of-the-art HTML5 video player, a user interface designed to be friendlier and the ability to create presentations that will adapt to any browser.

WoodWing Releases New Enterprise, Elvis Versions

WoodWing has been busy. It has recently released version 8.1 of its Enterprise multi-channel publishing solution, with updates to Content Station and enhancements designed to simplify and optimize workflows. It has also released its first update to the Elvis DAM software, which it acquired in October.


WoodWing's newest Elvis DAM

Avoiding DAM

You’ve probably read more than a truckload of bytes about why you need a DAM system. Now, the inimitable David Diamond, author of the DAM Survival Guide and a CMSWire contributor, uses his explain-by-example style to give you 5 Good Reasons to Avoid DAM Software -- Caution: his “arguments” against DAM remind me of the reasoning my wife and I used at the dinner table with our daughters, when they were small. “Whatever you do, do not -- let us repeat, DO NOT -- eat any vegetables tonight.” Of course, they ate them all.

Have You Ever Metadata?

Digital assets without metadata are like TV programs without TV listings -- without the latter, you’re just rummaging around the former. So, John Horodyski decided to offer a briefer on the subject in his recent post "Make the Most of Metadata: Take Control of Access to Your Access."

Those DAM Interns

DAM interns. In this case, that’s not cursing at some college kids sorting papers in the back room, but a descriptor of valuable help that can be available for managing digital assets. To get there, Henrik de Gyor provides some answers to the question, Where Can I Find a Digital Asset Management Intern?