The newest version of the open source digital asset management (DAM) platform Razuna is now available.

Razuna ApS announced late last week the availability of version 1.5 of the platform, which can be downloaded, used via a hosted service or run on a dedicated cloud server.

Customization, Rendering Farm

Enhancements in the new release include an option to fully customize Razuna, an option to log in using social media username and password via the integrated Janrain plugin, a new Rendering Farm functionality, and major updates to search and the overall look and feel.

The Rendering Farm distributes the job of encoding many files to other servers, whether a dedicated one in-house or one in the cloud. Customization options include the ability to modify tabs, dialogs or look and feel, and the company said that the new caching system “dramatically improves” overall performance and supports such caching engines as Memcached and MongoDB.

Razuna now supports scheduled backups of assets and data within the platform, as well as the ability to export metadata to a spreadsheet.

There’s also additional support for cloud storage, such as Amazon S3, Nirvanix or Eucalyptus, and there’s a new version of the application programming interface (API), which facilitates integration into an organizational environment.

Partner Program Overhaul

CTO and Razuna founder Nitai Aventagiato told news media that, with the latest additions Razuna is “truly an enterprise level digital asset management software” that is available to companies of any size, via the hosted offering.

Later this month, a new partner and OEM program will be launched, which the company said was due to an increasing demand for OEM solutions. CEO Jens Strandbygaard said in a statement that the partner program is undergoing a complete overhaul, adding that the API has allowed software vendors “to embed Razuna deep into their existing technologies” to leverage enterprise-level DAM features.

Strandbygaard also said that resellers and systems integrators will benefit from the new program, “since they will be awarded a higher commission as well as being able to offer our enterprise package to large scale clients.”

The Denmark-based Razuna, founded in 2005, said that its platform is used by more than 5000 businesses worldwide every day.