SDL has previously partnered with companies in need of web content management solutions. Today, SDL acquired a digital assets management solution, and its offering just got spicier. By acquiring Calamares, a cloud-based platform that allows enterprises to centrally compose, enrich, publish and distribute video and other rich-media assets, SDL is able to extend its customer engagement solutions to include video and rich media management, which are more in demand across the enterprise than ever before.

How It Will Work

The Calamares media management and enrichment solution will be integrated into SDL’s Global Information Management solutions, starting with the SDL Tridion Web Content Management (WCM) Platform. As a result, SDL users will be able to produce and distribute video and rich content, which in turn will help enhance customer engagement, marketing efforts, customer service and satisfaction.

Already, SDL’s Media Manager allows users to take advantage of video as a marketing tool and offers a plethora of functions including retrieving, composing, encoding and distributing video content. By integrating Calamares’ digital assets manager, these features will be enhanced and expanded so users can manage multi-platform and cross-media communications and control within extended and complex environments.

Learning Opportunities

Multi-Lingual, Multi-Dimensional Content

As the global enterprise continues to evolve, SDL is counting on its improved ability to make multilingual content multi-dimensional. As digital media becomes more affordable and more useful within the marketplace, companies are hard-pressed to manage it all. Thanks to SDL’s acquisition, global enterprises will be empowered to make multimedia graphical and video-based asset creation and management an integral part of their content development.

Calamares’ DAM have been available as a SaaS and through direct licensing. As an SDL acquisition, its availability will be through its media management platform for the WCM industry.