Equilibrium (news, site) offers a updated solution for managing media assets within both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010. Add to that their new partnership with Metalogix and things get even more interesting.

Rich Media in SharePoint

Media Rich for SharePoint 4.0 supports both WSS3.0 and SharePoint 2007. Coming with the release of SharePoint 2010 in May, is Media Rich for SharePoint 4.1 adding support for the newest release of SharePoint.


MediaRich for SharePoint

The solution offers self-service digital asset management capabilities for SharePoint, including some of the following capabilities:

  • Support for over 300 image, video, audio, Open Office and RAW camera filetypes
  • Manage and distribute digital assets
  • Visualize your media (images, documents, PDFs, etc)
  • Integration with SharePoint Administration to restrict the search fields available in Advanced MediaSearch Query Builder
  • Single Export Transcoder with 80 Popular Video Formats
  • Batch Transcode Videos, add any filetype/settings you want to the list

There's a new Light Table Display feature that can be turned on in the ImageBrowser webpart. This feature provides the ability to see more images at once by configuring the amount of columns and rows to display.


Light Table Display

Storing Assets Outside SharePoint

We all know how much space images, videos can take up. So Equilibrium's new partnership with Metalogix will please many. Metalogix offers data storage outside SharePoint using StoragePoint.

Equilibrium's MediaBatch Uploader, available in 4.0 can work in combination with StoragePoint is store media assets in a repository other than SQL Server, SharePoint's native repository.

DAM for SharePoint

There are a few ways to manage your digital assets in SharePoint. The Equilibrium/Metalogix partnership is good, but here are a couple of others to consider: