The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) role is evolving in most companies with the growth of analytics, CMS, mobile and today’s hottest topic -- the online experience.

As this evolution drives exponential growth of creative files, Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions simultaneously move closer to becoming the holy grail for marketing professionals, particularly due to inter-connectivity.

In the 1990s, organizations sprinted to have an online presence. Then, in the last 10 + years, almost everything about the online experience changed. The “Social” and “Cloud” experience was born, fueled by our desire to interact with our favorite brands and access our media anytime from anyplace.

When the first Digital Asset Management products were developed, both the concept of “cloud” and the hype of social media marketing were nonexistent. So what does DAM today and tomorrow look like for the savvy CMO?

DAM Today & Tomorrow

The growth in creative files, online marketing channels and data driven technology present the quagmire of all times. But talented CMOs and third-party technology organizations are approaching it as an opportunity to enrich the online customer experience -- by pairing DAM solutions with other technologies.

As a result, we see the role of the CIO evolving towards that of the CMO. But that topic warrants an entire novel by itself.

Similar to grocery store advertisements mailed to your doorstep with personalized ads containing contextual relevance to your purchasing habits, online marketing channels are now getting just as smart -- if not smarter!

But instead of using information from your rewards card swiped at a store register, enterprise marketing organizations have CMS, MRM, CRM, Analytics and other data-driven cloud platforms to leverage. The convergence of these technologies provides a new opportunity for CMOs to deliver a richer, more meaningful customer experience.

Companies achieve the ability to automatically serve up dynamic images that have contextual relevance to the end user’s habits. This is gold for any CMO and, historically, very difficult to achieve in the online world.

Enterprise organizations are making huge moves towards becoming a social enterprise powered by a cloud-based DAM solution paired with CMS, MRM, Analytics and CRM platforms. Pairing these technologies maximizes ROI by creating a personalized online experience with relevant digital assets served up to online channels in a seamless manner.

Data Driven Contextual Marketing

We have already seen the power of contextual marketing in advertising systems like Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Network, Vibrant Media and others. Contextual advertising systems serve up independent ads that are in direct correlation to the content of the web page the user is viewing.

These systems have made major impacts on earnings for websites. This model is now being duplicated to enrich inbound marketing channels by providing fresh and relevant media to those visiting social channels, websites, landing pages and other sources. It is no longer limited to pop-up ads.

By leveraging the interconnectivity power of cloud-based DAM solutions, which manages the digital assets, companies can achieve the same paybacks of contextual advertising.

CMOs and CIOs have spent millions of dollars attempting to get the 360 view of the customer, but most customer interactions are happening on the web, across web apps and behaviors are unique at a customer level.

Surprisingly enough, with CMS, MRM, Analytics and CRM platforms, content doesn’t have to have a direct or static correlation to a webpage. These platforms provide a new level of intelligence that allows a less-static environment. Web content can now correlate to the actual user, based on their individual habits.

As organizations create more websites, landing pages, social campaigns and other online campaigns, DAM solutions will become more and more tightly integrated with relevant tools to manage online assets and automate online workflows.

Since CMOs and CIOs are teaming up to lead the charge of transforming their organization to keep pace with online market opportunities, DAM solutions are no longer for just housing creative media files. The best DAM solutions are cloud-focused and designed for delighting customers as they interact with your brand.

In summary, the cliché statement images speak louder than words is every DAM vendor’s favorite phrase and very true. However, serving up the best image tailored to your audience and brand in real-time is where the real value lies.

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