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When you’re under a deadline, can collaboration features in your digital asset management system help? WebDAM thinks so, and has launched new notification features to speed up collaboration efforts.

The company said the key to moving forward under deadline is maintaining constant communication, which is why it has added automated email notifications and instant alerts.

Configure Assets, Actions

As an example use case, WebDAM imagines a project where a marketing campaign is being designed under deadline, but everything is on hold because the event photos aren’t in yet: the photographer is still working on them. The email notifications and alerts, the company said, keep the entire team -- including the designers and the marketers -- up to date on where things stand.

As soon as the assets are uploaded or edited, the company said, the system will notify everyone so the designers and other team members can move forward right away.

In WebDAM, a new toolbar provides alerts in the lower right corner of the browser window. A user can configure which digital assets are monitored for what kinds of actions -- including being commented on, uploaded or downloaded, deleted, moved or edited -- and whether the notification should be an email notification, an alert or both.

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The updated WebDAM also includes several other new features. The toolbar has been redesigned to provide lightbox navigation that the company described as “more intuitive,” with actions for quickly downloading and creating new lightboxes.

PowerPoint Previews

There’s also the new ability to view thumbnail previews of PowerPoint files that have been uploaded to WebDAM, allowing a user to quickly identify presentations. And multiple email addresses can now be added to the same form used to share a link or a download invitation.

WebDAM has been having a boffo year. The company announced last week that its second quarter doubled its year-over-year sales, its headcount has doubled and it has undertaken new strategic collaborations with partners like content-sharing platform provider Box.

Additionally, the company said it added a number of video training tutorials to its DAMsuccess.com community for its customers.