Docurated Content Cloud Brings Sales Marketing Together

The discord between sales and marketing is alive and well, but a new solution is trying to put the two on the same page through relevant content. The right content can be the difference between making or breaking a sale. And while a number of technologies can deliver using manual input, Docurated released a solution this week which it claims can do so automatically.

According to Alex Gorbanksy, CEO of Docurated, Content Cloud sits in Salesforce and uses content input from existing repositories to automatically offer sales people -- even those who are mobile -- the right content to close the best deals.

The Sales-Marketing Content Problem

While many content management systems integrate with and can push content to salespeople, this is not a content management system. Gorbansky suggests it is considerably more agile.

We asked Gorbansky what problem Docurated aims to solve with Content Cloud.

The problems that we have come across in pretty much every sales and marketing organization… well there are a couple of big challenges. A pervasive challenge [for organizations] is how do we get our sales people to be more productive? How can we ensure that they are conveying the right value message for the right story?” Gorbansky said.

For marketing, how can marketing make sure that it is effective and efficient and that they are supporting sales at every opportunity. Everyone would agree that if you can map your value proposition, your value message, to the customer’s specific situation, the more likely it is that you are going to win."

The complexity of many sales situations has left sales people finding it more difficult to get the right data and the right content to close off their sales.

Docurated Content Cloud

Ironically, in many instances the marketing departments have already produced the content needed, but can’t or don’t know how to surface it to sales people. And sales people don’t know the content exists.

What we have recognized is that there is a much better way to work. [Currently] you need to build the story and tell the story. So you need to go to seven or eight places to build the story and change the story. And we’re changing that. We’re saying you don’t need another content management system, you don’t need yet another place to go,” Gorbansky said.

Content Cloud provides a single place to find and surface that content.

We index all the content, we analyze all the content and using those massive inputs and using the intelligence you already have, we recommend the right marketing story for each sales situation.

The beauty of that is that your content continues to live where it does, we are just creating and intelligent layer that lets us retrieve that content and that information for each specific opportunity.

Docurated Content Cloud

So what does it do? Running on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, Content Cloud uses a combination of inputs and analytics about the effectiveness of content, combined with powerful search, to retrieve relevant content.

It fully integrates with all existing cloud and on premises content repositories and tracks versions of content, ensuring that only the latest and most accurate version is shared within the organization.

The analytics for content measures effectiveness of content, as wells offering sales and marketing visibility into what content closes deals and where content is needed to meet the needs of the sales team. Docurated Content Cloud is now available from the Salesforce AppExchange.

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