Free Mobile Ad Network Buoys Local Business

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The team at mobidart says it’s time to bring consumers and local business back together, and with today’s launch of the company’s free mobile ad network, it's one step closer to making it happen.

CMSWire had the opportunity to talk with the mobidart team to learn more about what their new offering means for small and medium business owners who may not yet have a mobile presence due to cost, difficulty or technical challenges. (The company estimates “80 percent or more of businesses globally don’t have a mobile responsive presence” due to these reasons.)

“Through our own personal experience in business we’ve seen that business owners around the world need help from companies to get them into the mobile marketing space,” said Frank Rice, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at mobidart.

What’s Inside the Package

Mobidart’s new mobile ad network offers services such as a mobile responsive website, hosting, mobile directory listing at searchable.com, gateways, real time e-coupon push-out notifications and tools for creating mobile digital ads – all for free, and without the need to input a credit card. Business owners need only provide their business name and zip code to get started.

According to Rice, other providers may provide one or two of these services for free at some level. But “no other company is providing push-out services for free, with all of the other services we offer. We need to bring consumers and local businesses back to the relationship they had in the past,” he said. “And the only way to do this is to make it very simple, and free.”

Brian Ebersole, CMO of mobidart, added: “The Internet was meant to be an opportunity for people to share information and direction for free. We believe in that wholeheartedly.”

Of course, there are premium services available, including a “buy-now” feature, as well as options to purchase geo-targeted mobile display and video advertising.

But the conversation with mobidart always seemed to find its way back to supporting local business owners.

“In most cases, those business owners are your neighbors, your friends, your family members,” said Rice. “Many people’s first jobs are in local community businesses. We have to go back to supporting them, because they support the community we live in.”

Easing Security Concerns

With recent news regarding concerns over how free mobile apps that use third party ad network code are putting users at risk of being hacked, the team discussed security around their new solution.

Learning Opportunities

“There is nothing that fully secures a phone,” said Kristofer Droge, mobidart CIO. “With our solution, there is no data stored in consequence to the marketing side on the app. The app on the phone doesn’t contain information of value to hackers.”

Rice added that, although mobidart doesn’t gather “unnecessary data that could be breached for the consumer,” mobile users should be more cautious about downloading free apps.

“People should pay more attention when downloading free apps,” he said. “If you read the terms and conditions, it’s a way to be able to get the data off of your phone, like your contact information, social media or banking information.

“Security is a big priority,” he continued. “We could never guarantee 100 percent security – no one can. But, we do our very best to make sure we can protect our users at the best level humanly possible.”

Passion for Local Business

As we wrapped up our conversation, I could sense the passion this team had for their vision “to take billions of consumers, and 100 million business owners, and bring them together on a humanistic basis.”

“I love what we’re doing,” concluded Rice. “We want to go out there and make a difference in the world.”