What's the best way to reach consumers with marketing messages? An e-book from content marketer Uberflip has a one word answer: blogs. 

The e-book, "Blogging in the Age of Modern Marketing," states that blogs are "a proven, cost effective marketing channel for driving leads and generating customers – if done well."

Of course, "if done well" is the rub. It sometimes seems there are as many blogs out there as stars in the sky -- and they often seem as similar to each other.

Reading a blog is an investment of time by the user, and it's not easy to make it worth the effort. Uberflip points to the various reasons brands should attempt to establish a presence in the blogosphere – building brand awareness, supporting search engine optimization, thought leadership that makes your brand more visible and qualified leads.

What to Blog About? 

Blogs can also serve to complement content marketing, testing ideas for their appeal and trying out expressions. But what to write about and how to attract readers? This e-book offers an abundance of tips, including:

  • "Stay on top of whats buzzing in your industry," and come up with unique angles. Others in your organization can help generate ideas, and the eBook offers links to some free idea generating tools.
  • Write effective blog headlines by asking questions, emphasizing "how to" and making sure the topic of the post is clear.
  • Include a "Call to Action" to help build your relationship with the reader.
  • Be relevant to what readers in your field want to know.

This e-book embodies many of the tips it espouses — staying relevant with useful, specific tips and links, for instance — and its visual design emphasizes its clear organization.

But we wonder why it suggests using a thin grey for text font. Some blogs even use white letters against a dark background or dark text against a non white background. This kind of visual treatment can work against the text content, as the lower the contrast between font and background, the harder the eyes of your reader have to work — and the sooner they might leave.

Black lettering against a white background is the safest bet to ensure your readers can focus on your blog's content, not its design. Some designers love to try variations of font color and background, but designers are not necessarily the ones who are going to read the content.