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News Bites: Apsalar,, Vidyard, MEC, Celtra, More

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The latest in hiring, funding, delivering, exchanging, partnering, filing and revoking from Silicon Valley, the Tri-City, Metropolis, the White City, the Peninsula, the Saltwater City, the Grape State and Snow’s Springs.

Better Together


Newport Beach, Calif.-based is partnering with Apsalar to improve integration of multiple third-party software development kits (SDKs) and enhance user experience.

David Lee, CEO and co-founder of, told CMSWire the partnership will "greatly simplify integrations with third parties for Apsalar's customers and allow granular control for distribution of data cross their technology partners through's data automation technology." 

Customers who access the company's data automation system will have access to advanced analytics and segmentation tools from Apsalar that will help provide better targeting and engagement to increase efficacy and maximize return on marketing campaigns, he said. 

Seven-year-old has more than 20 employees and four-year-old Apsalar has about 30 employees.


Lee and Michael Oiknine, CEO of San Francisco-based Apsalar, said the partnership is unique in several ways. 

"From a partnership perspective, this is one where both Apsalar and truly are trusting each other to provide this great solution to customers. Neither party has any plans to compete in the same space as each other and allows each to focus on their core business," Lee said. That will allow Apsalar to focus on segmentation, attribution and retargeting, while focuses on "building more integrations to widely-used systems before our tentative commercial launch" later this year.

Oiknine claimed that with Apsalar’s install base of 2.3B devices, the partnership will be "the largest data automation offering" in the market. "This, combined with Apsalar’s more than 400 ad network integrations, will enable marketers to seamlessly distribute their data beyond ad networks to analytics, marketing automation and media partners with just one SDK," he said.

Lee said most, if not all, of the systems that both Apsalar and have agreed upon have open APIs that allow customers to manipulate, send and extract data, adding " is simply using this same interface, making the integration seamless."

Oiknine said Apsalar’s existing customers will be able to "automatically enable the integration and distribute their data to partners with no additional engineering effort." New clients will need a one-time Apsalar SDK integration – "usually taking less than 30 minutes of engineering effort," he explained – and maintenance of only one SDK ongoing.

Both Lee and Oiknine said marketers will be the prime beneficiaries of the partnership. "It will

Allow them to bring more intelligence to user acquisition and re-engagement efforts across more partners," Oiknine added.

Bessemer Mucho

2015-16-January-Michael Litt.jpg

Vidyard has received $18 million in Series B funding from Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures to expand its footprint in video marketing and sales.

Michael Litt, co-founder and CEO of Kitchener, Ontario–based Vidyard, said, "This latest round of funding combined with the momentum we’ve seen in the past year – including more than tripling our revenue and employee base – further validates that video marketing has become a critical function within both B2C and B2B organizations.”

Byron Deeter, a partner at New York City-based Bessemer, called the investment a "big bet on the fact that the video marketing segment has reached a tipping point in 2015.”  Deeter will also take a seat on Vidyard’s Board of Directors.

And Another Partnership

Vancouver, British Columbia-based MEC and Celtra, headquartered in Boston, are partnering for “the creation of data-driven, mobile and cross-screen display ads.” The joint venture will give clients access to both Celtra’s benchmarking data along with its Ad Creator 4 Platform. 

Rachel Pasqua, practice lead, mobile at MEC North America, boasted, “Our partnership with Celtra means that we can apply mobile customer insights at the earliest stages of content development, thereby empowering our clients to deliver highly relevant and customized rich media solutions that will transform the overall mobile experience and of course increase ROI.”

Anthony Mazzarella, VP of sales for Celtra, said joining forces allows the company to bring a "unique value proposition to some of the world’s largest brands, harnessing unique data sets during the communications planning process and enabling them to forge much more meaningful relationships with their consumers."

What’s Opera, Doc?

Opera Mediaworks introduced this week a “global, native ad exchange for the buying and selling of seamless, integrated advertising experiences on mobile devices … within an exclusive, private environment,” an extension of the Opera Mediaworks Ad Exchange (OMAX), which was launched last year. 

Learning Opportunities

The exchange connects mobile publishers’ premium inventory to multiple native demand sources. Some of the sources connected to the exchange include: Appsfire, AppList, adMarketplace, Bidtellect, Facebook, HeyZap,TapSense,, Opera Response and early adopter ZeptoLab.

“Our new native ad exchange is the best way to take these high-impact units and distribute them across the mobile landscape,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO of San Mateo, Calif.-based Opera Mediaworks. 

And by the way, who killed the wabbit?

Marimedia Catches a Reisner-star

There’s a new vice president at Marimedia: Sharon Reisner, who comes in from a four-year stint at Conduit as the Israel-based firm’s first marketing VP. CEO Hagai Tal said the company hopes to build on her experience and expertise.

Optimove Opting for the Optimum

Optimove, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, announced this week at the National Retail Federation’s BIG Show in New York City the release of real time marketing capabilities to its retention automation platform. The company boasts that the trigger-based campaigns “enable marketers to respond to customer behaviors as they happen in real-time, in order to dramatically increase customer engagement and loyalty while reducing churn.” 

Personalized messages to each customer would be based on a range of factors, including:

  • Purchase history
  • Lifecycle stage
  • Predicted future value
  • Risk of churn 

Optimove CEO Pini Yakuel boasted that his company is the first to offer "real time retention marketing in such a sophisticated and easy-to-deploy manner.”

How Suite It Is

Lehi, Utah-based eFileCabinet released a suite of new products and enhancements for both online (cloud) and on-premise (desktop) this week with new product integrations, security enhancements and new cloud backup features including:

  • eFileCabinet Desktop - a simple document file manager for going paperless
  • eFileCabinet Online - a paperless office solution in the cloud
  • SecureDrawer - a secure webmail file sharing service to safely and securely send files

In addition, the company recently announced a new subscription-pricing model with access to eFileCabinet's support team, webinars and all security updates. President and CEO Matt Peterson, promised the release "will delight existing customers" and impress organizations that want to take their offices paperless.

Watch Over Me – and My Files

Caplinked .jpg

Deal management platform CapLinked, based in Manhattan Beach, Calif. this week launched FileProtect – a “security tool that gives companies the ability to control access to documents that have been shared with outside parties,” without the use of plugins or software. 

The program gives administrators the ability to revoke access to downloaded Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files, including setting future access revocation dates, along with printing and editing control.

CEO Eric M. Jackson said the solution proves "security doesn’t have to come at the expense of the user experience.”