"Instant marketing and selling." That's the idea behind Salesforce's new Sales Reach offering, announced today. 

It combines the Salesforce1 Sales Cloud, marketing automation suite Pardot and Communities into on-the-spot marketing and selling tools. Salesforce1, announced last fall, is described by the company as its "next-generation social, mobile and cloud customer platform" with more APIs and options for mobile development and cloud development.

'Empowering Sales Reps'

Mark Woollen, Sales Reach's senior vice president for product marketing told CMSWire, "Sales Cloud is a net new solution with five components that are now available via the Salesforce1 mobile app for the first time."

It's "all about empowering sales reps with the tools they need to better connect with their prospects," he said, using the customer's CRM data from Salesforce.

The five components of the new release are micro-campaigns, real-time activity notifications, lead tracking, Salesforce Communities for Prospects and something called mobile nurture campaigns. These campaigns are targeted emails, directed website pages or other kinds of engagement, managed from the mobile app.

Imagine, Woollen said, a sales rep for Precor, which sells gym equipment to places like Crunch Fitness.

On the road, the rep uses a new Lead Tracking feature to see which prospects have, for instance, recently visited the Precor website or opened a marketing campaign email. He discovers through Sales Reach's real-time notification that one prospect recently downloaded a case study, so he phones that prospect to see if he wants more info.



After the call, Woollen said, "the sales rep spins up a Micro Campaign to hyper-target the prospect based on their conversation and the prospect's interests." The prospect also gets added to a Salesforce Community for Prospects, where he can connect with sales reps, other customers and other potential buyers to compare notes. Sales Reach lets the Precor rep know when the prospect has joined the Community.

Another pop-up notification lets the Precor rep know that the prospect is asking questions in the Community about gym gear, so the rep re-engages with the prospect to make a sale.

Sales Reach is available in the first half of next year. Pricing has not yet been announced. Sales Reach users will need to be subscribers to Salesforce1 Sales Cloud and Pardot, plus have the mobile app.