Social media management firm Sprinklr announced today that it has bought TBG Digital, a company that considers itself a pioneer of corporate advertising on Facebook and Twitter. The move is designed to amplify Sprinklr’s reach across social media and will add an estimated 100 new employees to its 400-person global roster, according to a written release published by Sprinklr.  

Increasing Its Range

What the acquisition means for Sprinklr clients is that the company will now be able to better meet a complete range of their social media advertising needs, whether they are paid, owned or earned, said Sprinklr CEO Ragy Thomas. “With Sprinklr, you can now manage all aspects of your social investment and deliver a consistently great experience across every paid, owned, and earned social touchpoint,” he said.

Company heads said that the move will help them increase customer reach across different types of social media content, plan cohesive social media campaigns and get a clearer picture of how well their advertising initiatives are actually paying off.

Learning Opportunities

The companies didn’t release the details of the acquisition, however they did say that Sprinklr will now serve more than 650 enterprise brands, and process more than $100 million a year in media spending. Its clients include companies including Intel, Virgin America and Dell and support more than 20 social platforms and customer data sources, according to Sprinklr.

This acquisition follows Sprinklr’s purchase of social analytics firm Dachis Group in February.