Why offer random users your service across the Web, when you can appeal to a massive army of captive users? Box has done just that offering a solution to those looking beyond the office and server for their content as mobility increases. In A Box

Box continues its aggressive enterprise expansion, following on from moves into enterprise apps, partnering for mobile security and other recent innovations. Now, Box is offering an  HTML 5 application available to, using various APIs, links and embedding, users that allows them to access the whole Box service feature-set for all their records. 

That means they can use box to create or preview documents, do some light editing, commenting on them, and perform task management on the content that is maintained within the Salesforce record. The new app replaces at a previous edition that offer limited functionality, with this looking like a big leap forward. Salesforce users can already do this with Chatterbox, but Box's massive popularity could weigh in its favor. 

With the move to the cloud, enterprises (or at least their users) are looking for more flexibility and it is easier for Salesforce to let users pick a custom-built service like Box than try to build their own apps.

Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Box, and with the cloud being largely platform agnostic, users can pick the choice that suits them best. 

Box Continues to Play Clever

With Box offering its services across growing numbers of third party services, expect further announcements where the company can see a way to help expand both its utility and influence among the big guns of cloud and enterprise software. 

Box recently picked up a “Strong Positive” rating in the new Gartner MarketScope for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing, which will make it all the more attractive among the big businesses that haven't adopted it in some form. But, with Box also appealing to individuals, those who find it supported in major apps and ecosystems can drive adoption from the trenches. 

With apps on iOS and Android plus other devices, and 5GB of free space for any user, will Box's increasingly rounded offering beat the likes of SkyDrive when it comes to enterprise adoption? Certainly being best-friends with the likes of Salesforce won't hurt its cause.