This week, Microsoft has been receiving a lot of attention with the general release of for Facebook, a new capture tool for SharePoint from Kofax and a better Office 2010 mobile experience from Aia. Xerox encourages ‘green’ printing with free software.

Facebook Docs on General Release

You may remember in April that Microsoft (news, site) and Facebook (news, site) announced the beta of a new service called, that enables users to access and collaborate on Microsoft documents in Facebook.

As of last week that service has gone on general release with all the features as well as a couple of new ones.

In particular, is offering support for Facebook fan pages as the result of massive user demand, the blog announcing the release says. As a result users will now be able to:

  • Author document as your Facebook Page
  • Post a document to Facebook Pages
  • Add the Docs profile tab
  • Share and co-manage all docs created by other page administrators

In effect, what this does is to allow administrators of Facebook fan pages to use and place Office documents as supplements to their content.

The new release from Microsoft’s FUSE Labs enables users to create and share Office documents across Facebook and comes with editing and collaboration capabilities as well as rigorous privacy settings.

Users will be able to upload or start docs online, have someone else edit it, incorporate feedback and then share it with the world. Docs can be viewed and edited directly within a web browser or through the Microsoft Office software on PC or Mac. If you want to find out more check out this video.

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Google Apps Gets Docs Back-up

Meanwhile, for those concerned with the backup issues in Google Apps, Backupify, which provides backup, archiving and export services for cloud-based social media, has announced the release of its solution for Google Apps.

With this release, Google Apps users can now use Backupify’s services to automatically and securely backup all data stored in their Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Google Sites.

In addition, Backupify’s new channel partner program provides resellers with an independent backup system for Google Apps implementations.

Backupify is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that are typically reliant on the services of a single administrator and uses Amazon’s secure cloud storage system to provide independent daily backups. To ensure additional peace of mind, Backupify offers the option to download backups to a user’s PC as well as access to stored data through the web.

Backupify for Google Apps is available immediately. If you want to find out more, check it out.

SharePoint 2010 Integrates Kofax Capture

On the SharePoint front, business process automation vendor Kofax has just announced the integration of its Kofax Capture software with SharePoint 2010.

Kofax (news, site) Capture accelerates business processes by scanning documents and forms, transforming them into accurate, retrievable electronic information and delivering them into business process applications, databases and content management systems.

Whether the information is on paper or in electronic files located in a central location or on desktops and remote offices throughout the world, Kofax can pull the documents into the system.

Combined with SharePoint 2010, then, users will be able to manage and control documents throughout the information lifecycle, and easily share, distribute, store and access information.

Xerox Offers Free Green Printing Release

Taking ‘green’ office practices to the office, Xerox has just released a new software tool called Xerox (news, site) Print Advisor for ColorQube 9200 Series range of printers.

Targeted at large print offices, this new web-based software advises users on the best practices for given print jobs. More to the point it is free to ColorQube 9200 Series customers and, the company says addresses a growing demand for print strategies that are environmentally responsible and cheaper.

Print Advisor also collects data on all print jobs, such as how many pages each user prints daily, providing valuable information to the IT department. A variety of detailed reports help office workers and IT administrators make more informed and responsible print decisions.

An enterprise-level application of the Print Advisor software for the enterprise -- Print Advisor Premium --is also being made available and collects user-level data from all users but additionally allows for customized notifications, detailed enterprise-wide reports and usage. The Premium edition will be released late this year.

Aia Improves Office 2010 Mobile Experience

Aia Software has also been working on Microsoft integrations this week. The document composition software vendor has just announced Office 2010 integration to boost remote user capabilities.

Aia's ITP Document Platform will now facilitate anytime and anywhere document creation through Microsoft Office Web Apps, which will give users online access to documents created in ITP.

Users can view, share and edit documents on a desktop PC, a mobile device or online. ITP allows business users to develop and manage the content of their own documents themselves, without the intervention of the IT department. As a result, documents can be edited quicker and more efficiently.

With Microsoft Office integration ITP can generate correspondence based on templates and text boxes from Microsoft Word, or generate documents in Word so that the user can further edit these documents.