A mixed bag of document management news this week with SpringCM offering free content management to Salesforce.com customers, PDF finally arriving on iOS, Accusoft Pegasus has bought Adeptol, CenterBeam offers Office 365 challenger and Westbrook makes FortisBlue mobile.

SpringCM Offers Free CM to Salesforce.com

SpringCM this week announced a free content management service for salesforce.com customers. In 30 minutes and without having to pay extra monthly fees, the free VIP Edition makes it easier to add, find, share and manage content from salesforce.com objects such as Opportunities, Accounts, Cases and Campaigns.

SpringCM free VIP Edition eliminates the barriers that result in documents related to Opportunities, Accounts and Cases being trapped in email, shared drives and individual devices -- which today can run as high as 90%, according to research conducted by SpringCM.

Available through Salesforce.com's AppExchange or the SpringCM website, the free VIP Edition gives customers more than 15 ways to include secure file sharing, document management and collaboration.

PDFs for iOS

Adobe has announced that it has made its PDF reader Apple iOS-ready so users of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch will now be able to use it.

The app is now available on iTunes and enables users to do the things you would hope to with a PDF reader, such as gain access to password-protected PDF files, or read documents that are protected by LiveCycle rights management.

The app lets you search text for specific words, create bookmarks to jump to them or you can scan through large files by browsing thumbnails of the document. It also offers auto-scrolling, the possibility of viewing documents as a continuous page, as well as optimized controls for the touchscreen on any iOS device,

While Apple has refused in the past to allow Flash onto iOS, it seems that relationships between the two companies are starting to improve slightly, when in September, Adobe delivered a way to let media publisher’s stream Flash-based video to Apple's portable devices.

Accusoft Pegasus Buys Adeptol

Accusoft Pegasus, which develops imaging SDKs and viewers, has announced the acquisition of Adeptol, but has not released financial details of the deal.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, Adeptol makes document viewers with support for over 300 document types, including Microsoft Office formats and PDFs that gives users access to numerous document types using one interface.

It also provides cross-platform, thin client document viewing with integration for Documentum and SharePoint, as well as support for other project management and portal websites.

CenterBeam Launches CenterBeam 365+

CenterBeam , a hosted IT services vendor, this week announced the launch of CenterBeam 365+, a hosted collaboration suite that gives midsized enterprises solutions with the functionality and familiarity of on-premise offerings and the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the cloud.

Learning Opportunities

Even the name tells you where it’s going with this. With it, CenterBeam says, users get more than what's offered in Office 365 as it includes Office,Web Apps, SharePoint, Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Exchange.

The difference,CenterBeam says, is that unlike Exchange Online, CenterBeam 365+ does not eliminate many of the features of the on-premise Exchange solution.

Instead, CenterBeam 365+ delivers in the cloud 17 on-premise features of Exchange in the categories of administration, applications, client access, compliance/archiving, directory, security and voice mail.

It also delivers enhanced security and archiving, integration into the user's existing environment, experienced implementation, single-vendor accountability and live 24x7 support from the company's North American-based customer care team.

It’s not possible to say how it stacks up against Office 365 as we haven’t see it in operation, but it certainly deserves a look.

Westbrook Offers FortisBlue Mobile Access

Finally, Westbrook has made its FortisBlue enterprise CMS securely accessible via mobile devices including the iPad, Android-based tablets and BlackBerry Playbook.

Since Westbrook Technologies introduced its cloud-ready enterprise content management system FortisBlue in October 2009, it has been building up functionality as the market demands.

The result is that, as of this week, FortisBlue content is accessible from iPad, Android-based tablets and Blackberry Playbook, and enables users to switch between desktop computers or tablets at will.