Manage Rich Media Documents Easier With ADAM DocMaker 3.0

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Document specialists ADAM (news, site) brings a redesigned user interface and other new features to its rich media document creation tool.

Good Things Come in 3.0s

DocMaker is a tool for the document management and creation of company-standard material and publications across an enterprise, no matter how big or widely distributed. Version 3.0 adds a new interface, faster performance and advanced support for InDesign Server to keep a smooth production flow.

Working alongside Adobe's InDesign from initial layout, to proofing, translation and publication it aids in helping to manage a complete workflow that monitors each element of a document, from the text, to pictures and metadata.


The new interface design adds clarity to the workflow

Making Documents Better

Using a Web interface, workers throughout the company can create and manage documents in a range of different languages with the software automatically managing font selection and sizes to get content to fit. Version control and automatic image replacement, even of complex formats, like EPS and .PDF files, allows users to keep documents current.

Learning Opportunities

For those needing finer control, the API has also been tweaked to allow for simpler customization and development. Back-end speed has been improved by allowing use with multiple Adobe InDesign Servers to balance the workflow while the workflow control reduces the time for documents to get produced.

A Bit About Adam

The release of DocMaker 3.0 follows on from the recent launch of a new Web CMS Studio after a round of extra funding earlier in the year. The money helped the Belgium-based company expand into the US market.

A webinar covering the new DocMaker and using it for brand management is being held on 8 June and you can sign up for it, here. Alternatively, potential users can request a live demo from the company.