Google offers free check-in devices, edit Office docs on your Android, manage Outlook mail with M-Files and get better local searchability.

M-Files 7 Saves Heavy Outlook Users Time

If you get lots and lots of email in your Outlook inbox, the new version of document management app, M-Files offers ways to help you stay above the tide and remain more productive. For a start, users can apply automated rules to link emails to customer records for immediate retrieval. 

They can also be dragged and dropped manually onto M-Files objects, helping keep communications together and accessible to others. They can also be used to trigger phases of the workflow, to keep a process moving.

Additional features include the ability to save a file to a PDF without opening it and add it to a record. The M-Files vault can now store millions of documents (in a cloud-based vault), plus the whole thing is also available in Arabic, Chinese and more European languages to widen its market potential. 

Google Offers Rich Snippets For Local Search

Locations and places are how local people refer to their neighborhood, not by zip code or lat/long coordinates. Google can help small local businesses make use of this local knowledge online by using "Rich Snippets" that refer to your local area in search.

By using structured HTML like hCard, microdata or to mark up your business, Google can now properly classify it, recognize and understand that its content are about a particular place, and make it discoverable to users on Place pages. Do it right and your site and business will appear to those most likely to make use of it.

Items such as reviews, listings, news can all be used in this way. It's a little fiddly to enable, but there is plenty of help on Google's webmaster central page.

Get A Free Google Gadget To Help Your Small Biz

Google is apparently going to be giving away millions of its gadgets to help customers of small business rate and review the places they go to. No one is sure how "free" they will be, or for how long, but the data will help Google to build a superior local knowledge base.

That will benefit Google's battle with Facebook and check-in sites like FourSquare in the "smaller and local is better" market and should benefit SMBs through improved search accessibility and exposure. Keep an eye on Google for when more details drop.

Get Productive on Your Android

You don't have to be an enterprise to have neat business apps on your smartphone. Quickoffice offers office productivity apps for Android and other smartphones. The company cites Android’s open platform, and appeal to both consumer and business users, as a key reason for the move, i.e, lots of potential users.

Apps will allow users to read and edit Microsoft Office documents. The latest release supports Android 2.2 phones and claims to be the first app for Android devices that enables you to view and edit Microsoft Office files and have integrated access to multiple remote storage providers.

Users can remotely access, transfer, share and manage files on remote storage services such as Google Docs, Dropbox and others. It is available in multiple languages and its Quickword app is a well-featured app in its own right for creating content on the go. 

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