The DAM Lowdown is back with news and notes from the world of digital asset management: DAM Events, Adobe's Edge in DAM, Video as Project Documentation, The Relevance of Your DAM Tools, Metadata Everywhere and the debut of DAM Stew.

DAM Events

This week we have a combination of both physical and virtual events for both the telecommuter and the road warrior:

Adobe's Edge in DAM?

DAMNews is my favorite site for keeping track of the DAM landscape. Lead writer Naresh Sarwan recently unleashed a great piece about the preview release of Adobe Edge and the potential long-term impact to Flash and Flex.

These are just a sampling of my favorite quotes from the piece:

The existence of Silverlight can be partly attributed to Microsoft’s need to have their own answer for every other major vendor’s innovations and that also no doubt limited the progress of Flash and Actionscript as a fully fledged OOP platform despite no serious Java RIA alternative from a major vendor.

Despite the attractive "slide and glide" interfaces, many were left shaking their heads and wondering if Adobe had simply re-invented the wheel.  Why invest into Flex when AJAX could do the job just as well?"

Video as Project Documentation

Lee Dallas, writing at Big Men on Content, shares a story about his "most effective documentation experience," which incorporated video.

This idea resonates with me because of all the video capture devices we have around us. Most laptops come standard with a webcam and even entry-level smartphones will record video. Rather than spending hours and dollars on written documentation with an occasional screenshot, why not provide video?

The Relevance of Your DAM Tools

I can't seem to put together the Lowdown without including something from our friends at Widen (news, site). This week Nicholas Jimenez asks, and answers, the following question: Are Your Digital Management Tools Relevant?

When evaluating relevance, Nicholas provides three areas to consider:

  • Content Creation
  • Content Management
  • Content Distribution

Stay tuned as Jimenez makes another appearance in this week's Lowdown.

Metadata Everywhere

Metadata is always a hot topic around the DAM water cooler, and it was especially hot over the last two weeks. First of all, E-Spec has released Tag-It!, a generic tool for applying metadata to images as they are created.

Second, our friends at the DAM Foundation posted a great piece about metadata and taxonomy maturities and how said maturities relate to digital asset management. The piece covers:

  • The different types of metadata
  • The six basic types of digital asset collections
  • The evolving maturity model for metadata and taxonomy

DAM Stew

After finally coming to the realization that "Quick Hits," both in format and name, is being replicated all over the Internet, and not wanting to force everyone to admit that I came up with the idea first -- it could happen -- I decided to rename this section of the Lowdown.

introducing DAM Stew, where I will capture the chunky bits of DAM knowledge that don't make it into the main course. I hope it will fill you up and keep you warm like the stew your grandmother made for you as a teenager.

And no, I won't be filling this section with food and nostalgic references in future editions.

The New York Times On Data Disappearance

You know digital asset management is working its way into the mainstream when the New York Times starts covering it. The online edition features Kris Kraus, an assistant professor in the College of Information Studies and the English department at the University of Maryland, writing about data disapearance.

Connecture Technologies Upgrades Mediabox-DAM

Mediabox-DAM reaches version 5.0 and includes the ability to switch between light box and list views of assets, zoom into images to view details, transform and resize images while downloading, and more.

Another 'Getting Started with DAM' Guide

Canto, makers of the Cumulus DAM platform, released a free whitepaper entitled Getting Started with DAM.

Daydream's FocusOPEN Platform Gets an Update

FocusOPEN moves to version 3.3.9. This is a major update including customizable metadata, new preview plug-in architecture and a dedicated JavaScript scripting engine.

IceWEB, VideoBank Partner on a Government DAM Solution

A Department of Defense agency in the United States is working with IceWEB and its partner VideoBank to roll out VideoBank's DAM platform on top of IceWEB's storage solution.

VYRE Announces New Version of Its Unify Platform

VYRE's marketing automation platform, Unify, reaches version 4.6.2 and includes greater search recording capabilities that form the foundation of advanced reporting features for both Unify and Unify-based On Brand solutions.

An Overview of Video Asset Management Technologies

The inaugural edition of the DAM Stew finishes up with a video from David Tenenbaum, CEO of MerlinOne.


The response to the last two editions of the Lowdown has been nothing short of spectacular. The last edition had 27 Tweets, 6 Facebook likes, and even a comment. I am overwhelmed by the response -- seriously. You guys are the best and I hope you will keep it up.

Twitter Shoutout of the Week

@nicolasajimenez -- Although I didn't get a tweet from Nicholas, I did get a comment from him on last week's Lowdown. Nicholas is a member of the Widen collective and makes an appearance above with his piece about the relevance of DAM tools. Thanks Nicholas!

As always, thanks for your time and attention. I will see you next week.