Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Businesses Love Microblogging

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This week we looked at what's going on in the enterprise microblog scene (a LOT), as well as the different enterprise content management systems that support this type of collaboration, among others. 

What's Trending in Enterprise Microblogging? 

Ask anyone, microblogging is so much more than just 140 characters these days. The enterprise has transformed status updates into activity feeds that often -- thankfully -- see more action than corporate inboxes. By packing communication about everything from projects to single documents in one central hub, enterprise microblogging has shouldered much of the weight that traditionally comes with e-mail, and provided employees with a more efficient way to work together. 

Here are some features we've been seeing in a lot of solutions lately: 

  • Drag and Drop: Share files directly in an activity/microblog stream by dragging them from your computer into the feed.
  • Unified Search: Search a term and unified search sifts through pretty much everything that lives in the stream: messages, files, links, profiles, etc.
  • "Follow" More Stuff: Many activity streams offer users the option to "follow" colleagues just like they would follow people on Twitter, but now that functionality is being extended to documents and tasks so being up-to-date on the most recent developments is a piece of cake.
  • Groups: Grouping colleagues in an activity stream comes in handy when a user only wants to view updates about specific projects or teams.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Many enterprise-level activity streams are making their way to mobile devices, enabling employees to collaborate on the go.

Salesforce.com's second version of Chatter includes many of these features, and the upcoming Yammer platform will be able to integrate existing, third-party enterprise applications directly in the Yammer feed. Meanwhile, companies like MangoSpring and Socialtext are also beefing up their offerings. 

Even Twitter, the game-changer itself,  is about more than just tweeting. The platform launched a new interface that positions it to be journalism's new best friend, and today's news of a free analytics dashboard flirts with social media marketing realms. 

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How 6 Enterprise Content Management Systems Support Collaboration

In fact, the enterprise loves social stuff in general (understatement of the year, right?), so we also did a quick and dirty summary of how a handful of big names in enterprise content management support collaboration. 

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SuccessFactors Adds Social Features to Business Drivers

SuccessFactors recently hopped on the social train via their recent acquisition of CubeTree, which adds free collaboration capabilities to its SaaS BizX Suite of business applications. Guess what the focus is? Status updates! 

Like Twitter, CubeTree's status updates are public, 140 characters messages that tell your co-workers what's up:

Learning Opportunities


Activities within the CubeTree system generate feed items that can be commented on by colleagues, just like a Facebook wall generates links to activities you perform on linked sites like YouTube and Flickr. 

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Ellison Kicks Off Oracle Open World with Major Release of Fusion Platform

The Oracle Open World conference in San Francisco kicked off this week, beginning with an announcement about a major new release of the Fusion platform. Five years in the making, the release is poised to replace all Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards and Siebel middleware as well as all as all the applications that run on them.

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