Greetings, children of E2.0. This week we kicked off our information management agility affair with a nice little overview. Meanwhile, both SharePoint and CRM were given new doorways into mobility. 

What is Information Management Agility? 

Our dearest Barb Mosher drummed up a better and more concise introductory paragraph to the importance of information management than I ever could, and so, without further ado:

Information makes the business world go 'round. We create it, gather it, sift it and use it to make all decisions. With ever present competitive pressures, wide access to global markets and the ups and downs of our economy (to name a few things) it has become imperative that we look at our information as a strategic asset, and put in place tools and strategies to use it intelligently.

But beyond management lies the task of using this information for quick responses to the rapid changes taking place in market. This is where "agility" gets tacked on. 

"...agility is about timely and cost-effective implementation," said Michael Schrage over at CIO. "Planning is nice. Analysis is good. Governance is groovy. But agility means action. Agility implies both the capacity and capability to act. Now. Immediately. Real-time. That doesn't mean the enterprise has to instantaneously act or react — only that it has the power to do so."

And so the million dollar question is: If information is our key asset, how can we use it to support our employees in making the right decisions?

Stay tuned this month for weigh-ins from various experts, or read our thoughts here Brings Chatter to Mobile Devices (news, site) recently announced that all of the magic of Chatter is going mobile.The CRM company's collaboration solution for the enterprise is modeled after Facebook, and, according to Kraig Swensrud, the senior VP of Product Marketing at, is the most successful product launch yet.

While the move to mobile is a natural next step for the company and the product, we noted that it's coming at a time when other popular providers are preparing to stiffen the competition. Yammer's upcoming enterprise-level social suite is one example. 

"Social networking has revolutionized how we communicate with our friends and family and it will have an equally dramatic impact on the business world,” said David Sacks, Yammer CEO. “Our mission is to bring this revolution inside the enterprise. We believe that every company’s people, communication and culture will eventually revolve around a private and secure enterprise social network.”

Many share that sentiment with you, David, many. 

The release of Chatter Mobile for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and BlackBerry is slated for late 2010, and Google Android devices will reportedly follow in the first half of 2011. Check it out.

Access Your SharePoint 2010 Sites Through the BlackBerry 

Speaking of mobile, SilverDust v2.4 for Blackberry continued its mission to integrate with SharePoint this week. The solution enhances BlackBerry’s ability to access SharePoint 2010 by granting users a means of entry to data that remains compliant with SP2010 security settings--no change to configurations necessary. 

Users can transfer files to and from SP2010 document libraries, as well as check docs in and out.


SilverDust v2.4 for BlackBerry

Zoho Boosts Spreadsheet: A Million Cells Are Yours To Fill

In other news, Zoho (news, site) recently beefed up its Web-based spreadsheet application, allowing users to import up to 10Mb files and work on a wider range of browsers.

The new and improved application boasts up to 256 columns and 65,536 rows per sheet. Loading times and operational performance have reportedly been improved to handle the load.

Check out the specs

Jigsaw Brings Real-Time Contact Data to

Lastly, we started to see the results of's recent purchase of Jigsaw, a company often referred to as the Wikipedia of business cards. 

Through Chatter, Jigsaw will now be able to deliver real-time updates to contact and company information within the Salesforce CRM hub. Further, Jigsaw will leverage Chatter by providing real-time awareness of contact data changes: