This week in the enterprise we discussed why social collaboration is an unstoppable force, as well as brought you news from the annual Sugar CRM conference in San Francisco. 

The Driving Force behind Social Collaboration 

You may not like the whole social collaboration trend, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't think about becoming a part of it. In this article, management consultant Oscar Berg discusses why it's an unstoppable force, and how to overcome common obstacles.   

The great promise of social software is how it enables people to connect with new people and strengthens the weak ties between groups, thereby allowing an organization to improve its ability to innovate, increase reuse, improve decision-making, minimize sub-optimization and reduce redundant work and rework.


Regulate Your Social with Actiance, LinkedIn

A select number of social platforms are making strides to provide secure and monitored access. Actiance (formerly FaceTime Communications), which monitors and captures social media communications for archival, has joined forces with LinkedIn.

The partnership provides Actiance with access to LinkedIn’s private API so Actiance’s customers can leverage the benefits of LinkedIn without the risk of being incompliant. The collaboration works to ensure that the conversations and connections on the social networking platform are safe, secure and compliant, allowing Actiance to archive, monitor and log activity from any device.

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SharePoint 2010 on the iPad? Mobile Entree Does That

Mobile Entrée, which plays with SharePoint market via optimized interfaces for the smartphone, has expanded their focus to include tablets, like the iPad.

Mobile Entree 2.3 features a new panel system in the framework that will enable SharePoint 2010 to work on tablets like the iPad and Motorola's Xoom.

This new system means that you can continue to create one interface and have it viewable on different smartphones or tablets. The panel system works for both out the box applications and custom applications:


SugarCon 2011

Open source CRM platform SugarCRM lists over 7,000 customers and half a million users. Their annual conference targets the entire SugarCRM community — users, developers and partners — with over 60 sessions and eight tracks. Here's some of our coverage of the event:

Get Ready, the Future of Business is Social. SugarCRM CEO Larry Augustin kicked off this year’s SugarCon 2011 conference with a bold notion: The way people interact and what they know is changing - we are more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent than ever before, and the only promising response to these changes is a system and way of thinking built entirely anew.

SugarCon 2011 Encouraging Attendees to Drink Social Business Kool-Aid. SugarCRM announced a relationship with IBM and the acquisition of iExtensions, a company that provides CRM software for Lotus Notes. IBM is making a big investment in SugarCRM. The partnership lands IBM a CRM platform that can target customers of various sizes, and enables SugarCRM to become more attractive to enterprise customers and improves its competitive position against larger competitors such as SaaS powerhouse

SugarCon 2011 Off to a Sweet Start. SugarCRM has announced the release of Sugar 6. In this version, the company is embracing the intersection of CRM and social media via a tighter integration with IBM Lotus Collaboration products such as LotusNotes and LotusLive.