As one of Facebook's biggest fanboys, we bet Marc Benioff, Salesforce.com's CEO, threw a party when everyone's favorite social network decided to become a customer of the CRM specialists. 

Facebook will  be using Salesforce.com's Sales Cloud 2, which grants the social networking giant with access to Chatter. This is more than a good fit, considering the fact that Chatter was designed to be the Facebook of the enterprise:


Salesforce.com Chatter profile

People Don't Like Facebook

This is an understatement, but Facebook's been growing, and growing fast. Last year the company took in US$ 700 million, and they expect to hit  US $1 billion this year (they've already surpassed both Yahoo! and Microsoft in total ads displayed). 

Moreover, they finally officially hit 500 million users this month, and if founder Mark Zuckerberg is as good with his predictions as he usually is, the platform will see 1 billion users within the next year. 

Unfortunately, a study from ForeSee Results (download here) revealed that Facebook ranks lower than both the airline industry and the cable television business in customer satisfaction. The report is based on research results from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, compiled by the University of Michigan. The survey asked questions about what there was to like and not like about more than 200 companies across a range of industries. Facebook received the second-lowest score, while MySpace came in dead last.

Obviously Salesforce.com isn't built to help Facebook with customer and user satisfaction overall, but at this point it looks like the platform should take whatever they can get.