Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Facebook Cited For Bad Customer Service
  • Foursquare Hits 100 Million Check-ins
  • New MySpace Profiles Coming Up
  • Facebook's 'Like' Button Goes Mobile

Facebook Cited For Bad Customer Service

In a recent ForeSee survey of 70,000 Americans, social networking giant Facebook ranks very poorly when it comes to customer satisfaction. In fact, the respondents gave Facebook the second-lowest score, beating out MySpace as the survey's worst company. The two social network companies rank lower than both the cable industry and airlines.

What factors weighed negatively on respondents' minds? Identified factors included privacy and security of personal information, shady advertising and constantly changing the look and feel of Facebook's site.

Facebook may have half a billion users, but obviously these users are unhappy and unsatisfied. However, none seem ready to move obviously, based on user practices and Facebook's stickiness as an Internet destination.

Foursquare Hits 100 Million Check-ins

Foursquare, the popular location-based social network covered before here on the Social Media Minute, reached a major milestone recently. Foursquare users have checked-in 100 million times at various locations. Additionally, the company has also noted that they are getting nearly 1 million check-ins each day.

The company has inked deals with brands and locations, meaning that the business side of Foursquare is starting to develop as well. Foursquare faces lots of competition from other location based social networks including Gowalla, Loopt and Brightkite. However Foursquare is the winner in terms of adoption and influence amongst social media users.

What do you think about check-in services? Do you use them? If a more established name such as Google or Facebook were to offer a check-in service, would you be more apt to try it out? We look forward to the comments!

New MySpace Profiles Coming Up

MySpace is about to debut a completely redesigned profile page for all their users. The new design is much more cleaned up and addresses a huge problem users expressed against MySpace: a terrible web design that made using the site annoying and unbearable. For example, the existing pages have unsightly flash animations and a very dated user interface.

What is new in the profile pages? Mashable reports that the changes include an improved left-hand navigation, a focus on the activity stream and the ability to follow your friends on other networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The article also notes a "vastly improved UI".


MySpace's redesign will be a welcome announcement to their user base. However, is it too late? MySpace was once the king of online social networking, but now Facebook has that honor. MySpace does have a relative healthy number of users who still utilize the site on a regular basis, perhaps the redesign will be enough to even attract a whole new group of users.


Facebook's 'Like' Button Goes Mobile

The "like" button has become commonplace on the web. Facebook's feature that allows users to show their support to content on the Internet appears on millions of sites and is used every day by millions of users. Now, Facebook is making moves to take the "like" concept to the mobile web.

At the MobileBeat conference last week, Facebook's Eric Tseng announced that "like" buttons will soon appear in mobile applications very soon with the release of APIs to mobile application developers. How would this be used in the real world? Perhaps a friend has "liked" a certain drink or meal at a restaurant and you happen to get a location-aware notification as you walk by.

The idea of liking an article or review from a mobile device sounds appealing, however Facebook needs to tread lightly with information security and privacy. Knowing that a person's phone is tracking them at all times in order to serve ads is a bit unnerving; however there are other facets to the 'like' idea that sound appealing.