The tools have managed to touch both our personal and professional lives. The concept has turned journalism, social media, marketing—and the overall way in which we connect—inside-out and upside-down. Yes ladies and gentleman, we’re talking about microblogging.

Naturally, related news comes in heavy, crushing waves, so we’ve put together some must-read happenings that have occurred so far this year. Whether you’re in the mix for business or pleasure, these points are worth the read.


Dubbed by many as Twitter for the Enterprise, and rightfully so. This platform has made some serious movies since January, and the US$ 10 million they landed in funding says they're getting ready for stellar year. 

1. Yammer Goes Beyond SaaS, Offers Self-Hosted Version: Run Yammer on your company's servers, inside the corporate firewall. Why? For security measures, of course. 

2. Doors Open at Yammer, Invites Go Beyond Company Walls: Any of you out there ever feel like sighing up for Yammer but couldn’t because of the required company e-mail address? David Sacks, Yammer’s CEO, said this sort of closed-door policy has been one of Yammer’s biggest problems. Now with Yammer Communities, anyone can join the party.  

Google Buzz

Out of the frying pan and into the fire! Big G's take on microblogging has seen a pretty rough start.

3. Buzz: Google Wants to be a Social Network, Too: Here's an overview on Buzz, in case you need a recap. In short, think of it as Facebook for Gmail.

4. The Buzz Nightmare: Privacy Issues and Profuse Apologies: Barely a week after its release and Buzz had already angered a lot of people. Will Goog's new solution ever be trusted, or has the damage been done?

5. Is Buzz for the Enterprise a Bust?: Remember how Wave kinda died out after all the hype settled down? We wonder if the attitude towards Buzz will be the same. After all, with criticisms about Google Apps already circulating, the outlook for Buzz in the enterprise isn’t exactly great. 

Then again, Buzz's open architecture could make all the difference. This is still just the beginning.


Ah, the pioneer. How will the founding team keep up?

6. Twitter Takes on Facebook Connect With New Tools for Website Integration: Word on the street is that the microblogging champs are planning to release a set of tools that will enable third party websites to integrate Twitter features directly into their websites and services.

7. Twitter to Add New Features, Third-Party Clients Beware?: It's undeniable that Twitter is prepping to make 2010 a very different kind of year, starting by going corporate, and releasing a set of tools that may or may not blow third-parties out of the water.


These guys aren't as famous, but you'll want to take note of the things they're doing. 

8. New Seesmic Web Makes Twitter Even Easier: Seesmic's revamped Web application is aiming high, and now features threaded Twitter conversations, a contact manager and drag and drop list creation. Check it out if you have zero interest in downloading, installing or signing up for new accounts. The app works directly in your browser and all you need is your Twitter credentials to use it.

9. Seesmic Look: Social Media Marketing with Twitter: Marketers, this one is for you. 

For regular users, Look seems just as simple as using Twitter. For companies, it's visually compelling (the tool is more like channel surfing than anything else), feeds in one of the largest audiences in the world, and will eventually offer custom themes. Translation? What an excellent way to get your brand heard.

Check it out! You don't even need a Twitter account to browse the channels. 

10. Socialtext 4.0 Brings Better Collaboration to Enterprise: Socialtext, a purveyor of social solutions for the enterprise, is back with version 4.0 of their platform. This time around they’ve got microblogging channels, filtered activity streams and new tools for group productivity.