New Seesmic Web Makes Twitter Even Easier

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New Seesmic Web Makes Twitter Even Easier
Do you remember Seesmic (news, site)? They’re the company that’s got that cool Tweetdeck alternative with social media marketing perks. Now their revamped Web application is aiming high as well, and features threaded Twitter conversations, a contact manager and drag and drop list creation. 

Seesmic Web

Seesmic Web is a web-based Twitter application for those that aren't interested in downloading, installing or signing up for new accounts. The app works directly in your browser and all you need is your Twitter credentials to use it. 

Here's a screenshot of what you'll see when you login: 


Learning Opportunities

The left column is your Timeline and the right is your list of @ mentions. You can also view your sent tweets, Lists, Searches, Trending Topics, Favorites and Direct Messages (in fact, the number of columns you can have is unlimited). Easy, right? 

The New Seesmic Web 

New features include:

  • Contacts Manager: Highlight a contact and the Contact Manager will display the basic information from that user's profile, including his or her number of followers, tweets, and favorite tweets.
  • Conversation Threads: This feature is useful if you want to see a twitter conversation between you and other users. The option aggregates Twitter conversations into a pop-up chronological view of @replies.
  • Twitter lists: In Seesmic web you can add more members to your lists by simply dragging and dropping them into the specified list. If you want to create a new list entirely, click on New List, and if you want to delete one that option is available as well.
  • GeoLocation: If you're using a browser that supports Google Gears, you can use Seesmic Web to share your location. Whenever you write a new tweet, you'll have to option to attach your location to this message (make sure you have the location feature turned on in your Twitter settings). 

Overall, we see Seesmic Web as a handy and extremely useful Twitter application. That it lives in the browser means it's convenient and commitment-free, and we like the sound of that. Check out a full list of Seesmic Web's new features here, or try it out yourself by signing in here