Seesmic Look: Twitter Gets a Makeover, Goes Mainstream
Sick of TweetDeck, Twhirl or Twitterific? Of alliterative Twitter clients? Then maybe Seesmic (news, site) has what you’re looking for. The new Seesmic Look is for the Twitter user in need of a simple, sleek solution (sorry).  

Asking New Questions

In case you hadn’t noticed, Twitter changed their default question from What are you doing right now? to What’s happening? The change suits the times, as people have been using the service less for reporting their sandwich choices and more for staying up on the latest news.

Seesmic Look also suits this trend. Way less involved than solutions like TweetDeck and created specifically for the mainstream user, the tool is more like channel surfing than anything else. Here’s a visual so you can get a better idea of the interface:


Seesmic Look screenshot 

Isn't it pretty?

The column on the left-hand side shows popular accounts within the channel you select. In this case we're looking at tweets from users within the Entertainment channel, but Look also offers categories such as News, Sports, Celebrities, Music, Politics, Humor, Culture, Business, and Style. 

Also nifty: say you're browsing the news in Look's playback mode. Tweets will scroll across the screen and fade in and out according to the time they were posted in relation to each other:

Seesmic Look playback screenshot 

You Don't Even Need Twitter

Look is not for power users. In fact, you don't even need a Twitter account to browse the app's channels. Although, if you do have one, Look maintains most of the capabilities that Twitter offers (browse your inbox, view custom lists, view trends, etc.) If you want, you can also stay traditional by following just your friends:

Seesmic Look friends screenshot

It's a Revenue Thing

The point is that Look aims to be a viable -- and attractive -- source for up-to-the-second news on whatever it is you care about. It's great for marketers and companies looking to spread brand awareness (notice how the backgrounds change depending on whose account you're looking at). 

Among Look's eight launch partners: the Huffington Post, Red Bull, CNN Money, Kodak and Ford. Currently these companies aren't paying for the exposure, but Seesmic's founder and CEO Loic Le Meur reportedly plans to start charging them monthly fees when the launch period is over. 

So far, this looks like a win-win-win situation. For regular users, Look seems just as simple as using Twitter. For companies, it's visually compelling, feeds in one of the largest audiences in the world, and will eventually offer custom themes. Translation? What an excellent way to get your brand heard. And if all goes well, Twitter gets even more exposure.

For now the app is only for Windows users, so if you're a PC (or Parallels fan) you can download Look here