Jive Breaks Records for Revenue in 2009
Jive World (newssite) kicked off in San Francisco yesterday and you just knew there was going to be some interesting news coming out of the event. How does a little bit of HTML 5 on mobile, a little marketplace, a little Facebook and a little pricing model change sound? Read on.

They talked to a sold out audience of 700 Jive customers, partners and developers yesterday when Jive World kicked off. What did they talk about? Their 18 social business imperatives for one thing. 

Enterprise collaboration is key to a successful business when done correctly and Jive is introducing some new capabilities and a new pricing model that will help an organization get on the right path.

Social Media Marketing

Version 4.5 Jive's Social Media Engagement platform was brought out in June. With that version came microblogging, instant messaging and support for the Open Social standard. Then Jive announced it was licensing the Twitter firehose to incorporate the monitoring of Twitter activity within their Jive What Matters dashboard.

Today, they announce that organizations can also monitor Facebook pages within the Jive What Matters dashboard as well. This includes the organization's own Facebook page(s), and their competitors. They can also track trends and engage with people directly on Facebook.


Jive Social Media Engagement with Facebook Mentions

A New Pricing Model for Social Media Engagement

Christopher Lochhead, Chief Strategy Advisor for Jive and Nathan Rawlins Sr. Director of Product Marketing for Jive walked us through the new changes for Jive Social Media Engagement and the new pricing model. They indicated that they believe the traditional approach to licensing solutions like this -- by # users and #keywords tracked -- doesn't work. This approach limits the capabilities to a few people within an organization, usually people in marketing.

What's wrong with that? Well think about it? There are a lot of other people in the organization who could take advantage of this type of information without having to work through the marketing department and/or wait for the monthly reports to come out.

Lochhead said that many organizations are starting to implement these solutions in the marketing department, but that's only where it starts. Monitoring engagement is part of a broader social business initiative. There are others, like sales people, support staff who can utilize the same information to help them do their jobs more effectively.

Of course, if you go by the traditional pricing model, opening the solution up to others could become very expensive. So Jive is offering a new pricing model. For smaller teams, they will offer licenses for unlimited keywords. For larger enterprises, the model changes to an "all you can eat" type option for unlimited users and unlimited keywords.

Jive Mobile Goes HTML 5

Jive Mobile 4.5 has also been announced and it will support HTML 5. This version is building on what they have already, but takes advantage of HTML 5 to build rich applications for what they call a "new generation of interaction".


Jive on the iPhone


There will also be native wrappers built for all the major platforms like the iPhone, Blackberry and Android to allow the HTML 5 app to act like its native (including accessing the camera or phone).


Jive on the Blackberry

Jive Marketplace Taking Shape

The Jive Apps Marketplace is starting to really take off as well. There are currently 50 development partners committed to developing apps for the marketplace, including the likes of Egnyte, Tungle, Brainshark and Box.net.


Jive Apps Marketplace

Jive has found that will the support of Open Social and a solid provisioning and security model, both developers and customers have really taken to the marketplace. Most of the apps you will see will contain a subset of functionality -- typically between 3-5 function points. Lochhead indicated that usually 20% of the functionality yields 80% of the value and the lightweight apps that will be developed will reflect this.

It's probably very smart of these development partners to get into the Marketplace. With Jive's install base growing every day in some very large enterprises, the marketplace offers a door that some of these companies may otherwise have trouble getting through.

The Apps Market is expected to launch as part of Jive 5 next year. If you want to learn more about the Apps Market, Jive has launched a Jive Apps Developer Community.

Get Ready for Vegas

If you are at Jive World today, you'll get a better look at what's coming and what has arrived. Jive Social Media Engagement 4.5 to available now. Jive Mobile 4.5 will arrive early in 2011.

If you aren't in San Francisco, then mark your calendars for Jive World next year. Lochhead told us it will take place in Vegas at a new, much larger venue.