KickApps Attempts to Give Insights Into Your Social Community

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Figure Out Your Community With KickApps Insights

KickApps (news, site) offers all kinds of social widgets to help promote and generate awareness for sites.

Now, its Insights Dashboard tool can help you track who your users are and what they want.

KickApps' New Insights Dashboard

KickApps has been rolling since 2005, creating money-spinning social sites for companies ranging from Universal, HBO and Kraft to Scripps.

Its new Insights Dashboard is a customizable tool that aims to provide companies with information about the visitors making use of KickApps sites and gadgets.

KickApps creates custom social networking, photo apps, widgets and blogs, from which a lot of information can potentially be gathered. The Insights will help collate this data and provide details on the sentiment of discussions, identify key users, help refine advertising and improve the focus of the site.

Viewed as a web page, the Insights Dashboard can be customized to show what is happening now. Various reports can be produced as well.

Learning Opportunities

Each dashboard will look different and is tailored to the host company. However, as an example, one instance of Insights could show a list of the trending topics being discussed in a forum while displaying which photos or videos are proving popular. All of that happens while monitoring mentions of the company on other social sites.

Get a Kick Out of Identifying With Your Users

With KickApps' range of services that can be mashed-up, customized and adapted for any company, there is a mine of knowledge that can be attained through analytics. The tool, released today, will enable users to choose which statistics are essential and monitor them to keep ahead of the conversation, reward loyal members or better target campaigns and advertising.

With monetization never more important, the reports could provide useful ammunition for marketing departments or could help customer support teams recognize upcoming problems.

KickApps' hosted services are available at usage-based (views per month) pricing and there is a 30-day trial available.