Share Files, Video and More Using Your Mobile Device
Memopal (news, site) improves its mobile access and search to the company's cloud storage facility with Cloud Search 2.0.

If you already use Memopal's online storage service (which we've covered recently), you can use its Cloud Search 2.0 feature for free. It lets mobile users, with a particular focus on all those lovely iPhone owners, search their own files which are kept remotely stored for easy access, from anywhere on the planet.

The search engine makes use of Memopal's own Memopal Global File System (MGFS) to provide rapid results. So, if you have masses of data stored on the service, you can track down documents, data or other files faster than manually opening them all on a computer and wading through them manually.

The files that you access in the cloud when using the Memopal service are monitored, so the most commonly used are prioritized at the top of the search stack and more readily accessible.

While you can't open the files on a mobile device, you can make them available to others. So, when the inevitable call comes in from a boss or client for all documents about "Company X", you can provide the answer and access, wherever you are and without needing a laptop at hand.

There is a 30-day trial for those wanting to try out, those wanting a little more involvement can join a beta test for 60 days.