Google's (news, site) Analytics suite powers a lot of the Web's ad management, but for most has only been a reference dashboard. The new API will let devs get under the hood and create custom tools.

Feeding Time

It would be hard to complain about Google Analytics, although we're sure many do. It is free, effective and pretty powerful. But analytics-types are always asking for more and Google provides once again with a new API that offers new data feeds and flexible selection of what data is received, rather than the unwieldy mass provided by the existing model.

The feed data provided offers discrete access to your account, web property, profile, goal and advanced segment data. It is nothing sexy to look at but can help those with large and complex web properties narrow down the information they get when checking particular metrics. Google has launched a Java demo that helps prospective users to see what exactly data is retrieved from your account.


Use the data to create cool custom informatics

Currently available in Labs as a preview, it will be interesting to see when Google finally unveils write access to this data, allowing

Small Is Good for Google

In another announcement, Google has also launched a small business blog to help promote its wares to to the vast less-than-enterprise-sized company space. The blog will help those smaller businesses keep pace with Google's frenetic pace of development in its office, data, Web and features that can help companies function, grow and work in the cloud.

Readers can probably find a few Google tools they don't know about that could prove useful or new ways to use applications that they already have. Either way it offers lots of tips and advice and should become regular reading for anyone with regular exposure to the Google-sphere.

Sure, it is still a little jargon-heavy, what small business owner will know what a "multi-tenant infrastructure" is? But the early posts do a good job of showing what is possible with the produce lineup.