Social Media Minute: TwitPic Gets Video and Speaking Freely on Facebook

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Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • TwitPic Adds Video Capability
  • Employee Who Was Fired Because of Facebook Comment Settles Lawsuit
  • How We Communicate Online: Webmail Liked By Older Set
  • GetGlue Now Has 12 Million Check-Ins Per Month

TwitPic Adds Video Capability

TwitPic has been around for a long time and serves as a mainstream way to share photos on Twitter. Now the company is making a huge move that will enable users to upload, store and share video, alongside photos, via the popular micro-messaging service. Twitpic's 17 million registered users can access this new capability as of Tuesday.

As recent events have shown, including the Egypt uprising and the passenger jet that landed in the Hudson two years ago, breaking news and images are often delivered via Twitter. Often Twitpic images don't just share the news -- they become news themselves.

Do you upload images to Twitter? If not, check out TwitPic -- the service is integrated into many popular Twitter clients, especially on mobile phones where snapping a photo is quick and easy.

Employee Fired Due to Facebook Comment Settles Lawsuit

Do you ever say disparaging things about your co-workers, boss or company online?What about on Facebook, where there is an assumption of privacy and confidentiality?A woman in Connecticut who said negative things about her boss on Facebook was fired -- prompting a lawsuit from her.

It was announced Tuesday that the case has been settled for an unknown amount. Also, as a result, the former employer will change its blogging and Internet usage policies in away that will not prohibit employeesfrom talking about work online. The employee was using her own computer on her own time, and according to the National Labor Relations Board, her speech was protected under the First Amendment.

Even though this case was decided in the employee's favor, it's probably best practice to keep derogatory remarks regarding your workplace to yourself or among close friends offline. The Internet isn't a protected place to air such feelings, and you may find yourself in trouble if you get carried away online. 

How We Communicate Online: Webmail Liked by Older Set

How do you primarily communicate online? Even though we spend countless hours inFacebook and other social networks, email still reigns supreme for most communication online. The shift toward social networking is evident in younger generations -- but what about more mature web users?

Learning Opportunities

Comscore recently released a study that shows a clear trend.Year-over-year email usage shows that in the 12-17 age group, webmail usage is down 59%. However, among users aged 55-64, usage is up 22% and, in the 65+ set, usage is up 28% year over year. According to the number, young people are spending more time on social networking and using tools such as SMS and IM rather than long-form email.

How do these figures compare to those in your life? Do you hardly see teenagers on email in favor of other tools? When youth enter the workforce, it will be intriguing to see whether this group assimilates to email, or enterprise messaging migrates away from it.

GetGlue Now Has 12 Million Check-Ins per Month

Entertainment check-in service GetGlue recently announced that the company is seeing some astounding usage figures.According to numbers last week, GetGlue saw 12.1 million check-ins and ratings in January 2011.Year-over-year, this is an amazing growth pattern, with a mere 1.3 million check-ins and ratings reported in January 2010.

For those unfamiliar, GetGlue enables users to share their check-ins with friends on Twitter or Facebook. GetGlue users "check-in" to a show or movie to mark their viewership of that media. With apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and the regular website, GetGlue has a new level of reach on mobile devices.

GetGlue announced 11 new partnerships recently, including a deal with Xbox. This may let the company monetize by giving brands valuable information about who is using content when. GetGlue boasts around 900,000 users and that number is growing rapidly.