Tune in to your company's social media using nGenera's Collaboration Server, linking social sites and your company's SharePoint and email systems. 

Social Spies Like Us

While this might sound a bit like spying to you, its seems like the logical progression of social monitoring within a company. nGenera's Collaboration Server allows administrators to listen in to phrases using federated search that relate to your company, projects or products on both external social media sites (like, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) as well as your internal systems like SharePoint and email.

This allows admins to "hear" what is being said in relation to whatever is being searched for. So, for example, it can tell you when interest soars in a product, perhaps to judge the rise in interest after a press release or product launch. For companies with suspicious minds, it can also watch outgoing email and ensure no one is straying off-message.

Watching the Conversation

Collaboration Server can also monitor the people who are making a noise about your products. You can monitor the relationship you have with them and get in touch with them at the right moment.

Perhaps they have a problem and are starting to mouth off, the system can warn you and some proactive contact can solve their issues. Policies can be enforced to keep staff in line while metrics can be measured and reports generated.


Link social comment to internal systems

Reward the Socially Active

On a more beneficial level, users can also set up awards to reward participation levels within a certain area. So those who frequently contribute or create popular content can be rewarded for their time and efforts. It can also monitor blogging services such as WordPress and even YouTube for companies with video content.

nGen Collaboration Server is a cloud-based solution that runs from an admin console. It is available now -- you can visit the site to request a demo or inspect some use cases. Collaboration Server integrates with other nGenera software including Social Navigator which acts as a enterprise's personal version of Facebook.