As smartphones take over, getting video to them will be a big money maker. Enter Thwapr's sharing a cloud service service that helps get content from anywhere, to anywhere.

Video Cannot Be Killed

The idea of mobile video as those horrible QVGA pixel-fests is long dead, but there are still many barriers to getting your content on the smartphones of your audience. We've already seen MediaCore in action, now comes Thwapr (pronounced "thwa-per") with a mobile-specific solution.


Brands have an easy way to get their video to iPhone and other users

Thwapr offers a way to get video to any phone on any carrier, allowing brands with video content to share an uncomplicated way to manage, monetize and distribute its wares. Called Share To Phone, it has been used by music acts, sports teams and other popular brands to get web content (be it music videos, interviews, highlights packages or other video) to fans.

Show Me The Money

The service is free to use, revenue is generated for both the client and Thwapr from the video adverts that can be attached dynamically before or after videos, banner ads on landing pages or adverts in the associated text messages.

Thwapr is also developing a solution to offer content charged for using mobile billing methods. Two years of development has produced a product that shoves all the potential technical issues from carriers, phone types and architecture in the cupboard, allowing all users a slick experience.


How it works is easy, getting it that way was the hard part

Launched early this year, Thwapr is a cloud-based service with no apps or coding required. End users interact via text messaging or their browser and the video is sent using a patent-pending engine that resizes the video to the correct format for the iPhone, phone and browser.

A Bright Future?

Thwapr has signed up with several partners since its launch and is in a good position to benefit from the inevitable rise of mobile video content. However, will content companies and brand holders be more likely to use a service like this, or go with free apps they can offer direct to smartphone users through which they can they sell exclusive content? 

Thwapr is currently available in the U.S. and Canada but has plans to expand overseas later this year or in 2011.