MediaCore (news, site) adds HTML 5 to offer fully compatible video on iPhone, iPad and other devices.

Looking Toward V.1

We covered MediaCore back in March as the company moved on from its initial January launch. It has now announced the release of a stable version -- 0.8.2. Over the course of the year, the front-end has been redesigned, an optional choice of players added, plus support for the hearing or visually impaired.

The open source video CMS now has support for HTML 5 video, enabling users with almost any device to play videos on the service. With built in search, the product is looking like a fully-rounded offering as it approaches the magic 1.0 number.

Learning Opportunities

Serving Video For All

Running on Python and MySQL, users can store media on any hosted (YouTube, Amazon S3 or other) service or a local server, andcreate a social media-friendly site where users can view, comment and upload their own contributions. Also included are recommendation links to Facebook and the big social media sites.


Surfer site TubeTube is an example of a MediaCore created site

With full admin control, all the requisite monitoring and metric controls, MediaCore offers a free way to build your own media empire and see it spread and scale as you need at no cost. If you need technical help the company can provide services and support, and hosting at bargain rates.