Twitter (news, site) has revised the way in which other sites and apps can take control of your information.

Twitter Does Better Permission Slips

Are you getting a bit concerned that almost every site, comment system, app and social media network wants access to your Twitter details? Even so, it's often easier to press "Yes" than to go through a longer sign-up process on whatever app you're using or site you're on.

Still, with digital privacy ever higher on the agenda, Twitter has made some tweaks to how all these sites and apps interact with your details, tipping the balance back in your favor. From today, users are given more information to help them make more informed choices about the way third-party apps integrate with their account.

Better Control

The most immediate benefit is that users now have greater control over what information they share with third-party applications. Depending on the app, those that gain access to your direct messages will have to ask permission to do so again; those that don't will be blocked from doing so.


Twitter does a better job of explaining what apps will do

Also, instead of that typical one-click agreement screen, now, when users link an application to Twitter, it will give them more detail about what they’re allowing the app to do with that account. The list could include permission to:

  • Read your tweets
  • See whom you follow
  • Update your profile (not sure an app should be allowed to do that, ever)
  • Post tweets for you
  • View your direct messages

From now on, you'll be able to limit what the app does by choosing "No" for the options you don't want the app to touch. All done transparently and simply, hopefully avoiding any of that mess that Facebook keeps getting itself into over data and information sharing. With Twitter now up to date on mobile browsers, its use will only continue to grow and it's only right that people should be protected.