Yahoo (news, site) drags its email product out of beta, giving users a better social interface and the option to move big files around.

From Beta To Live

When launching the beta of its latest email service, Yahoo claimed that Yahoo Mail was twice as fast, included spam protection and offered a simpler design. Now Yahoo is taking the beta tag off in the hope that its 280+ million users will enjoy it, while tempting old users back and encouraging new ones to start using the service.

Certainly, the service is facing stiff competition and may have lost some of its luster against the likes of Gmail and Hotmail. Will being able to chat using Facebook or read your Twitter feed from within the service get you rushing back? Will being able to communicate in the most appropriate manner via its unified web communications effort that can let you chat over SMS, IM or other methods appeal?

Learning Opportunities

Bigger and Better

With infinite storage (see terms and conditions, so start digging for that small print) and the ability to view photo slideshows, there is lots to enjoy. Users can also perform detailed searches on your mail for that one message they just can't locate. With great mobile support, it looks like Yahoo has a great product ready to roll, but will users of other services really bother to switch, with all the hassle that entails?

Yahoo has been busy recently, investing in new ad companies, selling off Delicious and while the beta has been in action since last year, it is now deemed ready for prime time and will be rolling out to users over the next few weeks. A shame it has got off to a bad start in the UK where its new adverts have been banned by the advertising watchdog for encouraging speeding (but any publicity is good publicity right?).