SnapLogic (news, site) becomes the latest company to create its own little store front on the burgeoning Web shopping mall to make the data transformation features for its DataFlow solution easier to buy.

Integrating Your Data Sources

Many companies with data integration issues have turned to SnapLogic or similar companies for assistance. Now, after a private beta trial, SnapLogic makes itself more friendly and accessible with its SnapStore.

Existing and new customers can take advantage of an easier way to get the components (called "Snaps") required to successfully wrangle company data from one form to another.

With some components available for free, going up to thousands of dollars and a free 14-day trial, anyone with data issues can give the store a whirl.

Current Snaps include Twitter, PeopleSoft, SugarCRM and others. Also, if there isn't the Snap that you want, then you can put in a request for it.

Learning Opportunities


Go shopping for your data conversion needs

Commodity Market

SnapLogic's move is just another step in the direction where even complex systems and products are being consumerized in a way that non-technical users can understand and make informed decisions. As an extension, developers that have worked hard to create their own data translation tools can offer them, after verification, for sale on the store, receiving 70% of the profit.

Using a RESTful design, the DataFlow Server sits at the top of the architecture, as a pipe for your data. Snap the correct converter or translator in place and run the data through to get your shining, compatible information. As such, the system can be used with almost any SaaS, Cloud, Web or enterprise application or data source.

Highlighting the system's flexibility, SnapLogic can even be tested on the desktop and then deployed to a cloud application. Expect more companies to follow SnapLogic's move and bring the dull, dustier side of computing to a shiny storefront to make their wares more attractive and accessible.