WebNative DAM Updated, Adds New GUI, Enhanced Workflow and Video Support

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WebNative DAM Suite Updated, Adds New GUI, Enhanced Workflow and Video Support
The folks at Xinet have been busy. They have announced the simultaneous release of their WebNative Suite 16.0 and the 3.0 version of their Video support module. The developers behind the popular DAM products have been listening intently to their clients. The new releases address a laundry list of requested features and concerns raised on their forums, and in the technical press.

The WebNative Suite is based around their FullPress file system and production server, and includes the company's DAM server, the WebNative Venture SQL database and a secure, multi-server asset management system dubbed WebNative Portal.

The package has the distinction of making CMS Watch's latest Digital and Media Asset Management Report.

A re-vamped GUI Consolidates Control

The re-vamped GUI consolidates control of the WebNative server. Accessible through an Internet browser, the GUI now provides greater consistency of controls and presentation across all areas of administration.

Xinet also beefed up their platform's logging and debugging tools, including automatic database checks and repairs and access to preview generation logs for a range of document types.

Faster, configurable index creation is another new feature that comes with the 16.0 release.

Workflows get a Boost

Workflows are an important aspect of any production DAM, and Xinet took it upon themselves to add annotation functionality to streamline the approval process. Authorized remote or local users may now make visual comments to documents.

Learning Opportunities

The annotation functionality extends to the optional Video functionality, in which users can comment at the scene level within reels. This functionality is a great addition to the already formidable roster of workflow capability on the WebNative platform including:

  • An asset timer for managing licensing
  • Contextual menus
  • An intuitive asset browser
  • Automated image replacement
  • XMP integrator
  • linked file viewer
  • A flexible uploader.

More on Video

Video 3.0 supports automatic creation of key frames based on significant scene changes, as well as automatic creation of lower resolution versions of video content for streaming purposes.

The Video Reel Generator supports re-purposing segments of other videos, PDFs, QuarkXPress or Adobe documents and images. No more out-sourcing Agency reels or business presentations.

As with any platform, issues remain. The uploader, unlike WebNative Portal, does not yet support relationship-based choice of data fields, but their user community seems hard at work for find a solution -- one of the advantages that comes from being a reactive organization.

This is a timely release for Xinet, the improved GUI and Video handling capacity leaves their WebNative offering well-positioned among the rival offerings of monolithic competing vendors such as Open Text's Artesia Technologies and Day's CQ DAM.