Weekend Reads: Predictions for 2014 - Enterprise Mobility + Agile Marketing
With only 17 days left in 2013, our contributors did their best this week to prepare us for what's to come in 2014. From enterprise mobility to SharePoint to agile marketing -- they've got you covered. Bundle up, grab a coffee and enjoy our weekend reads!

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By now, you're probably catching on that 2013 was a year of change -- so marketing trends would be no different. What should we expect in 2014? More change, of course. Scott Brinker explained one trend to watch in 2014: The Year Agile Marketing Takes Off.

Everyone agrees that marketing needs to be agile today, at least in the sense of the adjective: nimble, able to move quickly and easily. But agile marketing isn't an aspiration. It's actually a relatively well-defined management methodology that began in software development circles back in the 1990s and has recently been adapted to serve the needs of marketers."

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2013 was an interesting year for SharePoint and Office 365. We saw a steady adoption of SharePoint 2013, while Microsoft's shift to the cloud left many wondering whether or not there was a future for SharePoint's on premises version. What does this mean for 2014? Steven Pogrebivsky shared his thoughts in 6 Predictions for SharePoint, Office 365 in 2014:

I predict new SharePoint features in 2014 focused on reducing the leakage of confidential information through better encryption, rights management functionality and other out of the box features so organizations don’t find themselves in their own Snowden situation."

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BYOD plateaued, mobile application platform buying frenzy, Samsung overtook Apple as leader in smartphones. Miss this news in 2013? Never fear, Hyoun Park updates you on what you may have missed in 2013 and what he sees coming in 2014 in his latest article, What You Need to Know about Enterprise Mobility for 2014

The iPhone is quickly transitioning from an innovative groundbreaker to a standard, much as Blackberry was in the mid-2000s and Palm was in the early 2000s. Given what we know about Palm and Blackberry, Apple should be concerned."

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