What’s the difference between the best solution money can buy and the best solution? It may very well be nothing more than the price.

In fact, in this age of Big Data, Open Source and Cloud, it’s often the case that the best, most accessible and attractive solution costs less.

Don’t take my word for it, consider what the combined forces of Alteryx, the leading provider of strategic analytics, and Revolution Analytics, the leading provider of Enterprise R, are offering to make R-based predictive analytics more accessible and scalable for the Enterprise.

They are creating a way for enterprises to skip the time and save the opportunity costs incurred when learning to work with complicated and training-intensive legacy analytics solutions built on proprietary technology, by providing them with highly scalable, drag-and-drop environments from Alteryx to build R-based analytics.

Alteryx + Revolution Analytics Partnership Disrupts the Marketplace

The win for enterprises? A means to have modern tools at the fingertips of more business users. This should be a boon for companies who believe analytics are key in helping to win market share.

The partnership’s aim is to get this modern experience into the hands of over three million data analysts which would, no doubt, not only increase adoption now, but also seed the soil for the future.

The companies say that starting in Q1 2014, Alteryx will include a copy of Revolution R Enterprise Workstation with each license of Alteryx Professional and Alteryx Personal Editions -- its two core Designer products targeted at line-of-business data analysts. Revolution Analytics will include a copy of Alteryx Personal Edition with every license of Revolution R Enterprise Server and Alteryx Project Edition, a free version of the Alteryx Designer, with its Workstation product.

Information Management, Drop the Over-Priced, Hard to Use Analytics Tools: Alteryx + Revolution Analytics Partner to Deliver First Class Business Intelligence to All

The two companies will also engage in deeper product integration, enabling R-based analytics produced in Alteryx via easy drag-and-drop tools, to be processed faster by Revolution Analytics’ highly scalable R in a variety of compute contexts -- locally deployed R, server-deployed R or through in-database analytics in Teradata 14.10. R has quickly gained acceptance among data scientists and is emerging as the enterprise and academic standard for statistical computing. It is now the number-one statistical language, with over two million users worldwide.

Who Will Adopt the Alteryx + Revolution Analytics Bundles First?

This Partnership could present a substantial threat to Analytics and Business Intelligence providers like the SAS Institute among emerging and mid-sized Enterprises. Fortune 500 firms, however, probably won’t rip and replace their current systems in short order.

That being said, today’s new users, who abhor complexity, will likely be nudging their employers to do so because of how easy Alteryx makes it for them to blend data for analytics, to analyze data using easy to use spatial analytics and to share with decision makers. If they want beautiful visualizations, there’s Alteryx for Visual Analytics as well.

Alteryx Provides Big Data Insights - No Data Scientist, No IT Intervention Required

Add to that that Alteryx provides more than 30 tools that require no coding. The company offers industry solutions for Communications, Consumer Goods, Marketing Service Providers, Real Estate, Commercial, Restaurants and Retail, and there’s an even bigger win.

Revolution Analytics “R” for Enterprises is Enterprise grade and “R” is quickly becoming the most widely adopted statistical language on the market.

Does this partnership disrupt the marketplace? You bet. And in a world where a company’s survival is predicted to depend on how it leverages data, it would be foolish not to consider technologies that were born during the Big Data era.