information management, Big Data Roll-up: DataWeek’s 2013 Award Winners for Analytics and Data Strategies

Where data is big, there are innovative companies and products trying to make analysis of such data a small and easy task. And some are making a splash here, according to a new set of awards in big data announced this month.

DataWeek has released its 2013 award winners for categories such as big data technology and social media analytics. The theme among the winners seems to be products and serves that make big data easier to analyze and turn into actionable items for businesses.

We’ll take a peek at some of the winners here:

Big Data Technology: Ayasdi

Ayasdi’s Insight Discovery platform highlights include automatic discoveries from complex data and operationalization of end-to-end analytic workflow tied to complex and expensive business problems. It computes across hundreds to millions of attributes to automatically find similarity amongst data points and surface hidden patterns and anomalies in the data. Users can also deploy an API to automate integration across in-house and third party applications to fully operationalize the end-to-end analytic workflow.

information management, Big Data Technology: Ayasdi

Customer Intelligence: Lattice

Lattice Engines salesPRISM has data-driven business applications that introduce relevant buying signals -- in CRM, marketing automation and other systems -- into cloud applications. As a result, companies can rely on hard data science to find, prioritize and close their next customer.

information management, Customer Intelligence: Lattice
Data Centers: Arista Networks

Arista’s 7500 Series modular switches feature for cloud-scale networking a high performance system that features an efficient Ethernet system, rich feature sets like comprehensive switching and routing feature sets and open programmability such as health tracer system monitoring.

information management, Data Centers: Arista Networks

Web Analytics: Spinnakr

Spinnakr touts how it does all the work for businesses in web analytics. Beyond reporting data, the vendor detects important trends and opportunities on behalf of its users. Its final report is easy to decipher and presents action items for organizations, ranking them in importance, and empowering the site owner to deploy targeted content to the Website.

information management,Web Analytics: Spinnakr

Social Media Analytics: Empathica

Empathica’s 3rd Party Feedback and Text Analytics tools aggregate like comments, tweets and online reviews. Then, it meshes that with feedback from customer surveys. So you have your own direct customer feedback working with the unpredictable commentary of social media. Companies can then put that information into context and action. Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities enable businesses to in real time analyze social media comments and reviews.

information management,Social Media Analytics: Empathica

Social Data: WorkDigital

WorkDigital’s FreshUp builds HR and CRM products making use of proprietary NLP algorithms. The company’s product allows organizations to match live data with the outdated/incomplete data that sits in their CRM system. It also enables businesses to redefine their customer base, update latent records and segment and target better.

information management,Social Data: WorkDigital