Weekend Reads: The Value of SharePoint On Premises + Providing Remarkable Content

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Weekend Reads, Information Management, SharePoint On Premises, Be Remarkable or Fail
Another busy work week, another all star weekend reads. This week we talked about the value of on premises vs. hosted SharePoint deployments, took a look at creating remarkable content experiences and explored the relationship between collaboration and productivity.

Top Information Management Article

The cloud seems to be everywhere these days and within the world of SharePoint it's no different. Microsoft has pushed the cloud front and center for SharePoint customers but is the move really worth it? Andrew Connell (@andrewconnell) looks at what on premises deployments provide that hosted environments do not in his The Value & Future of SharePoint On Premises

In my opinion, on premises deployments of SharePoint 2013 are just as valuable as hosted deployments. Just as many customers find Office 365 an ideal solution, an on premises deployment is equally relevant and pertinent to other customers. So what are some of the aspects and use cases that customers should consider in deciding if their organization should use the hosted SharePoint solutions, including Office 365, or on premises deployments?"

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This week, our must-read contenders include:

Top Social Business Article

David Coleman (@dcoleman100) examines the impact collaboration tools can have on core business processes, but then asks the question Does Collaboration Bring Productivity? Read what he has to say:

At this point (2010-2015) we are seeing the parallel development of social networks moving into the enterprise and the enterprise trying to socialize more of its critical processes. Some of the pressure for this came from the push to bring social networks into the enterprise in a safe and secure manner."

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Learning Opportunities

Top Customer Experience Article

Every content marketer has one goal -- develop a successful content marketing strategy. The problem is that sometimes the strategy falls flat. Robert Rose (@robert_rose) explains how to create remarkable content experiences in his latest article Creating Content Experiences -- Be Remarkable or Fail

As I dig in further, I've been working on a maturity model for an optimal content marketing approach. While I plan to share those ideas in a future post, one theme I keep coming back to is that, independent of the approach, a successful content marketing strategy requires placing a priority on remarkable content over everything else."

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