A Week in Google: Results, APIs, Jelly Bean and Marissa Mayer

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Google records rising profits, but even that isn't enough to keep one of its highest profile employees. While, in the trenches, the Pages API is opened up, Android Jelly Bean goes to phone makers and Google's lawyers continue to bargain around the world. 

Google Steps Up A Gear

This week Google reporteda 10% increase in net income in the second quarter of 2012, reaching US$2.79 billion, compared to $2.51 billion in the same period in 2011. Total revenue was $12.21 billion, up 35% year-on-year, including recent acquisitions, with the completion of the Motorola Mobility purchase top of the list. Advertising and other revenues grew 21% to $10.96bn.

On the product side, the company launched Google Drive and Google Maps Coordinate, as well as the introducing the ability to edit Google Apps documents offline, but top of the list will be the arrival of the Nexus 7 tablet and the 5 series of Chromebooks

With Microsoft stuttering due to its one-off writedown, Google came out best of this week's figures, with eBay's mobile-led rise in profits boding well for Android's future. The arrival of revenue from the Nexus 7 sales should see Google set for a much improved third and fourth quarter. None of that was enough to keep Marissa Mayer at the company, who left for the top job at Yahoo! after 13 years at Google. 

In the Legal Trenches

While Apple and Samsung slog it out in the world's courts, getting all the press, Google is also facing pressure in Europe over Android. The EU's competition police have been investigating whether Google favours its own results and limits rival's options in search results and advertisement placement. 

Google is proposing changes to how Android and Google's services work, but those remain private while negotiations are on-going. This could end up with a deal or see Google in the courts, following the likes of Microsoft and others. 

Learning Opportunities

And on the Frontline

Meanwhile the company continues to evolve its product line. This week saw the opening up of the Google+ Pages API. This will allow brands and businesses to link their social pages with third-party social monitoring tools like Buddy Media and HootSuite. Google is reaching out to other management services to get them on board. 

On the Blogger.com front, the company, has introduced a custom permalinks feature that enables users to customize their search preferences. Posts on Blogger automatically generate a permalink based on the title of the post. Until now, authors have had no control of that link, but the new custom option, found via the “Permalink” option in the Post Settings box, will let posters change the title for better search and SEO. 

Finally, now the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean source code is now available, look out for your phone maker's news on upgrades for compatible devices. HTC has already made some announcements for its One X, One S and One XL. How many owners of not-so-old devices will be left hanging over the next few weeks or months. 


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