Facebook's New API Integrates with iOS 6 For Better Social Interactions

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 Apple's shunning of Facebook from the native OS feature set was never going to last. And, it looks like everyone has kissed and made up, as the latest Facebook API beta integrates at the OS level for iPhones and iPads, letting app developers have greater levels of social interaction in their products. 

Beta the Devil You Know

Facebook's new iOS SDK is the company's biggest update for Apple devices yet, including native iOS 6 integration with a direct Facebook login. To increase development of apps with Facebook connectivity built-in, it is also bringing an updated iOS Dev Center with plenty of guidance to assist iOS app developers.

When iOS 6.0 releases for existing iPhones and the shiny new iPhone 5, Facebook will automatically support use of native Facebook Login with all the new features in SDK 3.0 available for iOS 4.0 or later, so those that can't or won't upgrade to the new iOS shouldn't miss out.

New features are explained over on the Facebook developer blog. They include; better user session management, ready-to-use native user interface views, improved Facebook API support: and the developer center extras. You can also download the SDK from there. 

Learning Opportunities

All-Singing, All-Social 

With Facebook hopefully welcomed back into iOS proper, at its simplest, you should be able to send photos videos directly to your Facebook feed from the camera app. At a higher level, you'll be able to share content, information and news from other SDK-equipped apps, your claims to fame in games, and so on. 

With the recent acquisition of Face.com, we could expect smart sharing of visuals with the people who are in those images and other tricks on the way in future updates. Location-based information could also play a more important role on Facebook for iPhone users, as you try to meet up with (or possibly avoid) friends.

With Facebook now a public company, it needs to find revenue in all available markets. By being of more use to iOS users and app developers, it could easily find revenue generation methods through these or other services.