Flipboard was a roaring success on the iPad, making news accessible, stylish and fun. Now, it makes its way to the iPhone with improved features for easier use on the run. 

Flipping Good Fun

Hailed as the future of content presentation, Flipboard took boring web pages and threw them into a stylish app that made both finding and reading the news that little bit more exciting. The developers continue in that vein on the iPhone with a new neat cover page, with its neat flip-action to find the next story and improved tailoring of that content to your needs.

Flipboard makes it easy to find and read the stories you'll like, as well as share it with friends and social networks. It is integrated with Twitter and Facebook to let you choose favorite articles, retweets and so on. And its smart enough to spot multiple accounts, so you can use the right one (business or personal, for example) if you spot something relevant you wish to share.


You have to love the way this app wags its tail

On the Cover

The new Cover Stories section acts like a useful front page and it'll post top content there, along with items of interest that your friends are sharing. Eminently flexible and always a pleasure to browse, Flipboard's arrival on the iPhone heralds a further move from the random trawling of your favorite sites for news to an enjoyable flip through the latest events in your field of interest, from sports, tech.

With the company also launching the app in China this week, and adding personal accounts to the product, plus further integrations with Tumblr and others, it is keeping on pushing the app in the right direction

Learning Opportunities


Choose news sections you want to read about

If you have an iPad as well, you can use the account to sync topics, timelines and social accounts too, making moving from one to the other an integrated experience. Fast (even on my old 3GS), efficient and enjoyable, Flipboard continues its march across the world of content to make it fun and accessible.