Google Introduces Mobile App Analytics Beta

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   With the rapid uptake of the app as a form of media and data consumption, how long before app analytics becomes as important as its web counterpart? Google is on the ball with a new raft of metrics, announced at Google IO. 

Counting Them In

Just as every click is important on a website, every minute used, every user engaged and every outcome plotted is essential for understanding how users interact with your apps, and for marketers to figure out the best methods of monetizing or advertising within them.

Google's latest analytics blog post  highlights the company's new raft of mobile analytic tools that will help developers and marketers plot the evolution of apps to achieve maximum engagement, return and overall benefit. 

The new set of beta tools, being shown off at Google's IO developer event, help measure the mobile customer's voyage through an app, from discovery to download to engagement. They monitor the app's acquisition and user metrics including downloads and new users, engagement metrics such as retention and conversions plus outcome metrics including the all-important in-app purchases.

Counting Them Out

For developers, the ability to track crashes and errors will bring a useful level of troubleshooting and management. This could also help solve the source of the problem, if it is related to the app, or a particular hardware/OS combination. 

Learning Opportunities

The new beta reports are part of a updated SDK for developers, that Google says is easier to implement and comes with a built-in opt-out. Google has also revamped its Analytics sign-up process, so users have a choice of measuring their website or their mobile app. 

There's a beta sign-up form for those who want to be on the cutting edge of app analysis and expect these tools to evolve rapidly as both users and customer needs take off in the fast-paced world of the once-humble app. 


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