Want Apple to spill the beans? Getting blood from a stone would have been easier, as Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down for a chat at the All Things D conference last night. Instead of giving the merest hint at the company's future plans, he promised even greater secrecy. Good look with that, as what may be the first iPhone 5 components leaked into view.

Throw Us A Bone, Tim

With Apple's worldwide developer conference just days away, you might have thought that Tim Cook would give the world a sneak preview, a tiny nugget of information or a even a broad hint about what was to come. But, the man at the helm, merely promised even more security and black-bag, black-hole, style operations over future products.

While proclaiming to be excited over those future products, He said he’s "never been as amazed by all the things I cannot talk about today." All he would say was, “We’re going to double down on secrecy on products," while pointing out that Apple will become the most transparent company over issues like supplier responsibility and the environment.

He also mentioned Facebook, saying stay tuned, presumably  for some possible reunion between iOS and the social site. You can read the full transcript at All Things D, and wonder why they didn't just stream it. If you'd been in the audience, what question would you like to have asked the Apple CEO?

When discussing rival Microsoft's attempt to cram Windows 8 into tablets, PCs and, presumably phones, he didsay "In my view, the tablet and the PC are different. You can do things with the tablet if you are not encumbered by the legacy of the PC." Which suggests iOS and OS-X are never to meet in the middle, with iCloud providing Apple's bridge between the two.

Learning Opportunities

Or the Bones Will Talk

However, while he was pledging secrecy, it looks like the skeletal shell of the iPhone 5 was making a break for freedom, under the wire of Chinese suppliers. Various sites are showing pictures of the shell which comes with a gap for the new mini dock connector at the bottom. There is also a larger vertical space for the screen area that will tally with the extended widescreen display and other tweaks to the design.

Real or mocked up, there is only so much magic Apple can produce for something that is an update to an existing product. So, even if this isn't the final thing, it has to be pretty close to what will ship, unless Apple decides to make a fruit shaped phone. So, Tim is likely most looking forward to the Apple HDTV set, where Apple can design and create on a blank slate.

All Tim Cook said about TVs was that Apple's existing TV dongle had sold 2.8 million last year, and almost as many in the early part of this year. Suggesting more things to come, saying, "This is an area of intense interest for us."

We'll see next week exactly what Apple has planned, at least for iOS 6.0 and the reimagined maps app. And that's really where Apple can still play and create, and the excitement for Apple as a brand can still be generated, as the form factors and hardware of phones and tablets solidify. So, expect the drama to come at WWDC rather than the iPhone 5 event. Unless Apple casually throws something new into the mix.